By: Bradley Loves


The Global Corporate Mafia (also known as the Cabal), thinks of the entire Human Population of the planet as nothing more…, and nothing better, than a HERD of CATTLE.

If you don’t believe me…, then perhaps you could download your free copy of “THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE” written by Judge Dale.   Click the link below.

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I wish you would look into these things…, however…, I can’t make you.

In the long run…, it’s about coming to the realization that things have gotten really out of hand here on our fair planet.

DENIAL is the most predictable of human emotions and reactions…, and is directly based in total fear. When the thinking mind turns off…, and fear takes over…, DENIAL is the very first emotion that comes to the surface.

Don’t think the NAZI’S didn’t do plenty of study on this one single idea.

Denial, however, is an emotion that can be used and steered…, just like a large herd of cattle can be steered.



During the days of the great cattle drives…, literally thousands of head of cattle would be driven across the central plains.  They would be moved from their grazing grounds to large markets where they would be sold for slaughter.

Every “herd” of cattle had “owners”.   Even the human owners of a very large herd felt protective of their cattle.  Even one cow lost…, was unacceptable to the owners…, and was to be avoided at all costs.  You see, each and every “cow” was valuable!  Each and every cow had a “cost” attached to it!  Each and every cow was part of the owners “stock”.

They were called: Live-Stock…, because “owning” live cattle, or “live-stock”…, was the very same as having money in the bank.   Cattle in this sense were just like the “stocks” and “bonds” of today.

Needless to say…, the owners of a large herd did everything they could to protect their herd!  They protected them from being stolen…, and from getting sick, and from getting lost.

They did this NOT because they loved the cows…, but because each cow HAD VALUE!


On the trail…, in the days of long cattle drives…, the ONLY thing that the owners feared more than anything else was a stampede!

Entire herds could be LOST in a stampede!  All of the profit could vanish over night if such a thing took place.  Not only could the cows simply run away and be lost forever…, they could trample each other and kill many of the cows around them…, and injure hundreds and hundreds more…, making them worthless and in need of being shot.

The “cow-boys”…, or those who worked with the cattle KNEW that their primary objective was to get the entire herd to market without losing any…, but MORE importantly…, they had to keep the herd from STAMPEDING!

Every moment of the drive was filled with this tension, and this knowledge…, and any of the cow-boys hired for a very long drive were “well trained” and very knowledgeable about cattle.

During the long nights, many of the cow-boys would stay up with the cattle.  They would sing softly, as they road around the herd in order to sooth their fears. Many would play guitar quietly all night long…, or play the harmonica softly…, so that the very valuable cows would feel comforted during the long night.  The primary goal was to keep the herd comforted.  To sooth their anxiety!  To keep them feeling like they were protected and secure!

This was all necessary because they were not YET SOLD!  They had not YET GOTTEN TO MARKET…, and even though each and every cow was destined to be butchered…, that time had not yet come…, and so, they still had VALUE to the owners, that had not been cashed in.

And so, the cowboys spoke in soft and soothing tones to the cattle…, reassuring them that “everything” was all right!  Everything was going to be “OKAY”!  Don’t worry…, we are here to protect you!  Nothing can happen to you.

And to a certain extent, it was true…, since each cow had VALUE!

This was the message that the cowboys sent to the thousands of cattle on the drive, and it was repeated over and over again…, day and night…, right up until they got to the slaughter house and were SOLD!


The “HUMAN HERD” is ready to be taken to market and sold!  They are fat, docile, mostly ignorant, and very used to the comforting voices surrounding them telling them that “everything” is okay!

You see…, the human herd has it’s own “cowboys” who have been trained to manage the very large HERD.

They are experts in the knowledge of soft voices of reassurance.  They are experts in knowing exactly how to CALM THE HERD!  You see, that LAST THING they want is a stampede!

A STAMPEDE could in fact ruin everything that the OWNERS of the herd had worked so hard for.

In a stampede…, the human herd could injure itself…, and injure others in a very disorganized way.  You see…, the owners of the herd want a very “orderly” slaughter!  They want to do it one city, and in one country at a time!  And, before they do that…, they want to make certain that the STOCK CERTIFICATES for each owned man, woman, and child are completely up to date, and ready to cash in.  Because without “payment”…, what good are the cattle?

Many of the cattle are still only “on their way” to slaughter…, and so…, those who are watching them…, “the cowboys” make sure that they get plenty of reassuring messages (Channeled Messages?) telling them that “everything” is OKAY.  Don’t worry…, everything is being taken “care of”…, there is NOTHING…, you need to do!

Don’t believe me right?  Then read this headline:

Queen Urges “Keep Calm” As Scotland Seeks To Block Brexit

Taken from this article here:

One of the world’s “elitist cowboys”  Her Majesty is nothing more than a watcher over a part of the human herd.  God forbid…, there would be a STAMPEDE in a certain part of the herd that was not yet scheduled for SLAUGHTER!

So, she gets out the harmonica…, and starts to sooth the herd by telling them: It’s all Okay…, Don’t worry…, Keep calm!

She knows that each cow she watches over has VALUE!  And each cow must stay safe until it is time for the real slaughter to take place.  The OWNERS of the herd would not be pleased with her if she allowed the cows under her care to get injured BEFORE it was the “proper time”.

Whether the Queen, the Main stream New Media, Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, or Scientists…, there are many, many cowboys out there whose JOB ONLY IS…, to calm down the herd.

I could of course be “wrong here”…, but I don’t think so.


Because I am NOT IN DENIAL!  I have read…, and continue to read every document and every piece of evidence which is put forth.  It all points to exactly what I am saying.

Here, in the US we have an “election” coming up that is between a KNOWN CRIMINAL…, and a businessman who is at the very least a NARCISSIST…, if not a lunatic.

That is our choice,  (Criminal or Crazy) and the “herd” is once again…, being poked and prodded and “driven” by the cowboys on their endless journey to the SLAUGHTER HOUSE.    Of course the President we have now is an interesting mix of: Coward, Imbecile, and Sellout…, so there you have it…, maybe Criminal or Crazy is a step up the ladder.

However…, make no mistake…, these people are nothing more than “cowboys” working for the owners of the herd.  They are “cows” who are herding “other cows”…, and when all the cows have been slaughtered properly…, then those who were once the cowboys will be NEXT IN LINE.

Why do I write an article like this?

Maybe…, just maybe it’s time to stop walking with the herd and walk the other way.  Maybe it’s time to NOT LISTEN to the cowboys who keep telling us that EVERYTHING IS OKAY…, whether human or from OFF WORLD!

Maybe it’s time for a good old fashioned STAMPEDE!

I mean if you are nothing more than a cow with VALUE…, why let someone else cash in on that?

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