By: Bradley Loves



How to you CREATE a whole new SOCIETY – one that is purely SATANIC in nature “if” you suddenly have tools that you never before had access to?

How do you rewrite history – if given a brand new tool called TIME TRAVEL?

If you are Luciferians, you simply go back in time (now that you know exactly how things already transpired) and armed with this information…, you seek to CHANGE IT!

The single problem that the Luciferians have always had is that only a small percentage of the world WANTS what they are offering.  Therefore…, they can NEVER WIN!

They have always used LIES, DECEPTION, SUBTERFUGE, CHEATING, CONS, and any hook they could to defeat the far greater portion of mankind who simply wants love and goodness to rule society!

I want you (if you have time) to watch this video and as this man (who is highly knowledgeable) talks about the past…, try to imagine how these “men” would have operated in the past…, if they had actually been getting KNOWLEDGE from the future!

Try to understand that they were Luciferians who had no hope of convincing the many to follow their goals…, until they were visited by men from the future…, (also Luciferians) who told them exactly what was going to happen…, and how they needed to behave in order to finally get control of the whole world!

NO…., this man does NOT say the early fathers of America were being influenced by TIME TRAVELERS…, I added that part.

But, it is quite obvious if you can see the END OF THE STORY…, then you can extrapolate, exactly how the story started, and it is my STRONG SUGGESTION that these men were being heavily influenced by LUCIFERAINS (FREEMASONS) from the future!

This guy…, step by step explains the motivations of the Illuminati…



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