By: Bradley Loves


Unlike what you’ve been led to believe, child kidnapping and child trafficking right here in America is being done on an INDUSTRIAL SCALE  that most can barely fathom!

This article linked below gets into the depth of what most people living in American can not imagine is happening right under their noses!

CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES and even Judges and Family Courts are in on the trafficking which is a colossal industry and worth billions if not trillions of dollars!

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

The buying and selling of little children is the mark of a society that has lost ALL OF ITS MORALS and is on the path of self destruction.

Decadence and depravity always comes before the fall of any Empire.

Godlessness and heathenism flourish and the members of the doomed society revel in their own debauchery before the hand of GOD comes in to destroy the entire culture…, as was done in the days of SODOM and GOMORRAH!

America is at the precipice, and is hanging on now only by a single thread!

The worst part of all of this is that the “so-called” Christians…, and “so-called” NEW AGERS who claim extensive spiritual knowledge and understanding stay silent and say nothing while this crime against children happens on their watch.


He sees the hypocrisy of these “so-called” spiritual ones and has taken notice of their inaction and unwillingness to speak out against what is most obviously a crime against HIS wishes.

Here is the YouTube Interview with Sean Stone that goes with the above article:


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