By: Bradley Loves

Okay…, so this next article is going to be about the strange inter-connectedness of the Dark Secrect Societies and how they infiltrate and steer our culture.

It has become very clear to me that the VATICAN has been running a Parallel Persona for probably as long as it has been in existence.  It “pretends” to be good, while at the same time doing great evil.  So the “CHURCH” is basically a “deception” and not what it claims to be.


Now…, when you read other websites or blog sites or news sites…, and you see “information” posted there about how the VATICAN has turned over a new leaf…, or is now “helping people”…, you have to realize how much of a LIE that is.

You can not move forward in TRUTH…, and continue to be deceived!

The ONLY WAY that the “CHURCH” could ever convincingly make the case that they are now trying to HELP THE PLANET…, is to expose all that they have done!

This Institution has ENSLAVED all of humanity for 1700 years, or since 325 AD, when the Roman Emperor (and Soldier) Constantine started the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!

This is not to say that “Christianity” was not already in the world for 300 years…, but that “belief system” certainly did not have the sanction of ROME!

325 AD…, was the year of the Council at Nicea which (believe it or not) did not happen in Rome or in Greece…, but in Turkey!

Nicea was in the Great Ottoman Empire…, and once Constantine created this “Religion”…, he built for ROME a new capital city called CONSTANTINOPLE!

This “brand new” capital city of the Roman Empire thrived for many centuries and still exists today!

Located in modern day TURKEY…, Constantainople is now called:


As we speak…, a great DICTATOR has taken over that country and is in the process of purging all scientists, university professors, and basically ALL KNOWLEDGE…, just like all of the other ADOLF HITLER types of old.

What most people don’t know is that ALL CATHOLICS still repeat (even today)…, at every Sunday “worship service” a prayer called:  THE NICEAN CREED

The original Nicean Creed was written at the first Coucil of Nicea in 325 AD.

What people also can’t seem to fathom…, is that when major “readjustments” come in the form of a BRUTAL DICTATOR like the one now happening in Turkey…, the real purpose behind that event is ALWAYS to DESTROY HISTORY.

It is during these times of great upheaval that documents are burned…, books are burned…, educated people are jailed, all knowledge is censored and then REWRITTEN in order to continue the GREAT DECEPTION.

Never be fooled into thinking that these things are not PLANNED nor interconnected and done with a PURPOSE.

This has taken place all over the world, again and again and again…, and happens still to this day.

Behind the scenes…, those who want to control the world actually CREATE these events so that they can USE THEM to re-organize countries and DUMB DOWN the people and THEN REMOVE any and all knowledge they may have gained in the last 100 years or so since that last great purging.

This is an active and on-going process which must be redone over and over again across all of the countries of the world.  And…, sadly, it will happen in the Untied States “IF” those living here to not WAKE UP and get smart about what is happening in the rest of the world.

Here’s a hint: STOP WATCHIING TV NEWS!  They are paid to lie to you…, and will always give you a false reason for what took place!

This is why humanity never makes any real progress!  It is those men and women…, LUCIFERIANS and sworn SATANISTS…, who do this to us over and over.

Deception and Secrecy are their “primary tools”…, however “MONEY” is their most cherished way of controlling the masses.

They buy, sell, bribe and own everyone and everything!  Without money…, they could not possibly do what they are doing, and have been doing to humanity for thousands of years.

That is why “FIAT MONEY” is called:  Babylonian Money Magick!  It dates all the way back to the SATANISTS of BABYLON…, well over 5000 years ago!

More to come.




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  1. Esmeralda

    Thank you Bradley, I had not heard of the nicean creed before. I completely agree everything is created with a deceptive purpose. Right now Pokemon Go is a trending obsession and here is a very insightful video that explains the symbology and magic that pretends to be innocent, good and fun. It’s another method of dumbing down our youth (in this case this current obsession doesn’t discriminate against any age group), controlling and manipulating the mind.
    Pokemon Exposed by Ex-Satanist Stephen Dollins

  2. Lavender

    Letter to Prime Source

    p/a :

    Place/ date : Earth Mother, summer 2016, Europe
    subject : Humanity

    Dear Prime source,

    i write to you with a matter of the utmost urgency. This is an SOS from one of your daughters of Humanity about the atrocities going on here on Earth Mother.

    To be honest it took me quite a while to figure out how it all worked.
    but it seems that Humanity is being kept prisoner by your Nemesis.

    We are all being kept in a frequency prison build over millenia by all kind of extra terrestrial/ dimensional species in lieu with each other and hybrid human/reptilian henchmen to leach on our creative force.

    They do so by keeping us under mostly religious ‘mindcontrol programming’ and most horrible deeds, poisening our collective morphogenetic field for millenia.

    This ”presumed tacit consent seems to have derived from decisions or ‘contracts’ made may be hundreds of centuries ago by forces that are know as “the elders”or the annunaki or the reptilians etc.

    This was all done without our consent and we DO NOT AGREE to it.

    Please be so kind as to sent in your “Clean team” to assist us to stop this!
    Humanity wants to live in Peace, Prosperity and Joy on a Healed Planet

    Thank You,

    Yours Faithfully,

    your daughter ElveTwelve

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