By: Bradley Loves

Well…, if anyone actually listened to the radio interview, it started out well, but soon got out of hand.

The place I had chosen to be during the Interview was a well known country club near where I live.

I have trouble with internet connections at my home, and knew I wanted something better.

A very short time into the broadcast…, the entire building (except for some lighting) went dark, including the internet, all computers, cash registers, and other things using wi-fi.

I had to scramble, since there was no hope of getting the internet back up, and drove to a nearby restaurant.  It was very noisy there…, so there was a lot of background noise that made it hard for people to hear me.

In addition to that problem…, there was a very SERIOUS echo for every single word that I spoke, which was on a 3 or 4 second delay.  So for every sentence I said…, I eventually heard it repeated back in my earphones again after 3 seconds.

So this is the “energy” in which I did the show.

I have no doubt that there was “interference” going on…, and the only thing I could do was to continue to PLOD forward in a very bad situation.

My apologies to everyone who took the time to tune in…, but this is what happens when you are trying to TELL THE TRUTH to the world.

For those who might think this was a coincidence…, here’s another “coincidence” for you to consider.

Just two days before…, when I was scoping out where I was going to do the interview…, a “window washer” working at the same country club came up to me and asked what I was doing.

As we began to talk…, he revealed to me that he was a “former” secret service agent who used to work on the “presidents” team.  He admitted that he had worked in the White House and ridden on Air Force One many times.

Strange how he just happened to “show up” 2 days before the show…, strange that he seemed so eager to talk to me…, and strange how the entire building seemed to experience a fatal internet crash (which included cash registers, the cooks computer display and other things) only a short time after I started to talk about A.I.

Coincidence…., right?

Now…, how about buying this “bridge” I’ve got for sale!


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