By: Bradley Loves


In my youth…, I once had the occasion to talk to a well known spiritual guru or teacher who claimed “god realization”.

He wrote many books on spirituality…, and talked extensively about what people call: “Heaven” and the “Other Side”.

Being a very sensitive person myself…, and growning up in an abnormally ABUSIVE family…, I asked just HOW it was that the Universe “balanced out” the equation, and saw to it that those who had been hurt or those whose freedoms (freewill) had been “infringed upon” while here on Earth got justice!

His answer was very surprising!

He said this:

It is critical that you understand…, that ONLY here on Earth is there “injustice”.

Once a soul moves to the Astral Level…, (aka “dies”)…, it moves into a realm where each and every single soul has exactly the SAME power.

There is no such thing as a MORE POWERFUL SOUL on that level.

Many men and women here on Earth are involved in Dark Black Magic…, and they falsely believe that because they can seemingly “make things happen”  here on Earth…, that THEY personally are quite powerful.

The problem is that it is NOT THEIR POWER that is making these things happen…, but the “powers” of other entities and principalities (who remain unseen) that create the very affects that these Magicians are drawing forth.

Every great Yogi realizes that the MIRACLES that they create, actually come from somewhere else!

The good ones (who have no ego) and use onlyWhite Magic…, will tell everyone this…, and give ALL credit for their loving Miracles, to GOD the Creator!

The evil ones, who are TOTAL EGOTISTS, and are using dark beings to do their bidding, and to do dark things…, will take all of the credit for themselves, and falsely think they have “amassed” some sort of GOD POWER that follows them to the Astral Level.

However…, once they leave their physical body…, ALL OF THAT STOPS…., and they find themselves in a place where each soul has exactly the SAME POWER!



“Please tell me…, I pressed him…, How this justice is actually achieved?”

He continued:

IF there is a being…, a soul, who has committed many crimes or trangressions against other  “innocent souls”…, then all that needs to happen is for those souls to combine their powers or energies and “GANG UP” on that soul that hurt them and caused them terrible pain.

They used their combined “power” to cause the offending soul terrible pain and suffering!

There is NO WAY for that one soul to defend itself against so many others…, and just like GOD does not intervene here on Earth…, so too…, GOD does not intervene there in the Astral Realms.

Until those souls who were hurt and maligned on Earth feel that “JUSTICE” has been served…, they will continue to abuse and attack over and over, until that being that was so very callous and cold hearted here on Earth begs for forgiveness and REALIZES that what it did…, all of its dark and hateful acts against others…, REALLY DID MEAN SOMETHING and expresses extreme regret!

In this way…, it comes to realize that NOT DOING HARM to anyone is really the better path.

“What happens to a soul like Adolf Hitler…, or persons who cause great Wars to happen…, and so much Death and Destruction on Earth??”  I asked him.

He replied:

Those souls experience terrible, terrible Pain and Suffering while on the other side!  They are not “let off the hook”…as they may have been on Earth.

They will FEEL the pain of every being they harmed…, and it can barely stand it, and cries out in anguish!

The Universe is fair and just…, and those who feel that they can attack others while on Earth with impunity…, will be dealt with…, and it WILL BE THOSE SOULS THEY HAVE HURT who deal with them!!

All will be balanced out!


This was his answer!  You can either believe it, or NOT believe what he told me…, and I have no real way to prove it either way!

However…, it does make sense to me!


Now…, I CAN tell you about a very personal experience that I had with my own mother after she died!

She died of cancer 9 years ago!

My mother was a very weak woman who spent most of her time bowing and scraping for her own salvation…, believeing deeply in the Catholic Church!

Anyone (including her own children) who did not share her beliefs were “cast out” as it were…, and seen as NOT worthy!

About 6 months after she died…, I had an “out of body” experience with her…, where I found myself in an Astral sort of Hospital Scene!

The room was sort of a bluish color…, and my mother was there, sitting in on a sort of padded doctors table.  She was terribly distressed and was crying uncontrollably!

She was not just crying…, but was so distressed…, was very literally wretching…, almost as if in constant agony!

I perceieved my surroundings in this Astral place superficially at first…, but could see all of what was happeing quite clearly!

There were two beings (dressed like nurses) standing around my mother…, who had some sort of very strange looking “garment” on her upper body that at first looked very much like a straight jacket!

Her arms were wrapped up and pulled close to her body and she was not able to use them.

My mind reached out angrily to the two nurses and I asked them WHY my mother was restrained in this way!

Their reply was genuinely loving…, sweet and very calm.

They said:   “It’s NOT a straight jacket…, look CLOSER!”

It was then that a type of telepathy seemed to kick in…, and I was very suddenly aware of what her condition was!

In this place…, she was being “SHOWN” how much pain and suffering she had caused on the Earth…, and was so horribly overwhelmed with grief…, that she was literally “scratching her own skin off in agony”.

The pain she was feeling was so great and overwhelming.., that she was harming herself…., and her arms had been first wrapped in large cloth bandages…, and then immobalized so she could cause herself no further harm.

The entire time I was sensing this she continued to wretch uncontrolably!  Crying as if the world was at an end!

She never once lifted her head…, and never once looked at me!

After a period of time…, one of the (nurses) spoke to her, and said:

“He’s here now…, you wanted to do this…, you have something to tell him…,”

She spoke almost as if she were a stern parent…, who was forcing a roudy teen ager to take responsibility for some unethical transgression.

It was then that I realized that I had been more or less “called” to this Astral Place…, and had not really wandered there on my own.

These “Other” beings had “arranged” for me to be there.

A few more minutes went by…, and finally my mother managed to cough out (between sobs) how SORRY she was for the way she had treated me during my life.

She begged repeatedly for my forgiveness, without ever looking up to face me!

I stood there silently saying nothing!  I observed that she really felt bad for what she had done to me…, but I felt NO SYMPATHY for her at that time.

My mind simply concluded that she deserved what she was going through.

I nodded to the two beings/nurses standing near her as if to say that I had gotten the message she wanted to send…, but offered no words of my own.

At that point.., the Astral Vision started to fade…, and I moved back into my own body.


I have had many such “visions” in my life…, and know the difference between dreams, or the dream land (lower astral plane) and the higher more stuctured Astral Levels.

I have visited many times to the higher levels and can tell you how very real they are…, which is why I have no fear of death!

I can tell you first hand…, that there is IN FACT real “Justice” that takes place on the Astral Level…, and it is NOT what the New Agers claim…, that the very moment you “die”…, you are loved, healed, and there is NO PAIN AT ALL.


If you’ve done bad things…, you will get severe consequences!

If you’ve done so many bad things…, that it can NOT be properly balanced…, or you refuse to have regret…, there is always the CENTRAL SUN…, where souls are simply cast in…, and then ERASED!




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  1. Jerry

    Jerry i would like to give my own take on what’s going on in reference to justice weather it be on the other side or here. Lets look at the reality There’s black magic that’s been in practice for at least tens of thousands of years. Now considering all the dark,evil entities that practiced all that magic,hurt many lives,murdered many people ect, did those entities get the justice when they passed over? Lets look at all the power players today,from hilllary clinton,george soros,all the dictator’s,the bankers,the satenist,CIA FBI and the foreign agency’s such as MI5 MI6 and so on. It seems to me although it’s just my observation / opinion that these dark entities have done these crimes many times before,in other words i don’t believe the dark entities have a mind wipe like we do when we incarnate . I believe they know who they are,what they’ve done in past lives which enables them to make better decision’s in their current life. Which is why i think everthing always seems to work out for the dark entities because they remember their past. So the question is,if those dark entities committed crimes in the past and passed on,if they were punished on the other side,then why are they back again doing the same thing?

    • Jerry,

      This is a really, excellent, excellent question! And causes deep thought! (Which I always like).

      Let’s try to rephrase your thought process a little and shorten it down to a few sentences!

      1) The Satanists and those who are evil seem to be in power all over the Earth.
      2) Therefore…, because they are ahead of us in knowledge…, they must (therefore) RETAIN all of their memories after reincarnating!
      3) Because of this…, (you speculate) there is NO PUNISHMENT for dark beings!

      When I was having my daily convesations with Shane Bales…, aka The Ruiner…, he talked about beings still living on Earth…, who were INCREDIBLY OLD! He called them the PARENTS! He said that the oldest one…, a female he called: QUEEN OF THE DAMNED…, was 13,000 years old.

      She is incredibly EVIL…, and was “created” by the DRACO…, for the sole purpose of “overseeing” a Planet (Earth) that they now see as their Property!

      The “behind the scenes” shadow control system is a Hieracrchy! Everything is run from the top down! The Roman Catholic Church (at this point in time) is the pinacle of the Hierarchy! But that very SAME CHURCH has a very friendly public face!

      It is only the deep, dark, evil happening behind the scenes that proves it is running things!

      The “REASON” that so many men and women are so “ADVANCED” in dark magic…, is that you have “families” or “clans” which are very dark GROUPS that teach Dark magic to their followers.

      Shane said that Each incredibly old Parent led what he called a dark COVEN!

      From the top down…, they “TAUGHT” the magic of MIND CONTROL to all those who had very weak, or ambitious tendancies.

      I really don’t think that EVIL PEOPLE reicarnate with their memories…, and therefore GOT NO PUNISHMENT! But in this physical Universe…, there are EVIL and DARK leaning beings who are VERY LONG LIVED.

      In order to continue the WAR…, or the BATTLE against GOD…, and AGAINST THE LIGHT…, (as EVIL AND DARK USUALLY DOES)…, they have used every tactic and every CHEAT they can to try to be dominant and kill off the light.

      This means they HIDE ALL KNOWLEDGE and keep it only for themselves:

      Thus the 18 miles underground library hidden by the VATICAN

      They put horribly limiting CON GAMES into practice and LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING

      Thus…, the ALL CAPS NAME CON…, and creating fictional corporations to take the place of human beings…

      They USE all of the most advanced technologies in Genetics to create human bodies which last a very long time…, so that THEY will be in control down here.

      It is NOT that they are not getting punished…, THEY ARE!

      But for some…, it just takes a very long time for them to actually die or be killed!

      In still believe the JUSTICE SYSTEM WORKS…

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this with us Bradley, my own mother who was deeply religious and Roman Catholic had similar views as your mother.She came through to me through a spiritualist medium (one that I could trust and gave undeniable proof of being genuine to me) and apologized for the hurt she had caused. I accepted her apology and I trust she now rests in peace.

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