By: Bradley Loves


Coming from a man who has had first hand knowledge of what it looks and feels like to have a Quantum Access HIT JOB done on him…, this new Brett Kavenaugh accusation has ALL of the classic signs and signals that it popped up into our timeline ONLY as a result of TIME-LINE manipulation!

I may be one of the ONLY people that can (in fact) talk about this intelligently BECAUSE I’ve been through it!

People who present a clear “danger” to the NEW WORLD ORDER and their world wide Satanic Takeover…, have been subjected to the most advanced technology our SECRET GOVERNMENT (The DEEP STATE) has at their disposal!

After all efforts to stop something that is percieved as a road block to the New World Order Time-line have been exhausted…, they invariably default to using a TIME TRAVEL/QUANTUM ACCESS HIT JOB on their target!


The hit/change in the time-line…, comes out of LEFT FIELD!

There is no indication that anyone at any time (EVER) knew anything about this…, or said anything about this to anyone is PRIMARY as an indication that this has been an INSERTED EVENT!


The “hit” comes just before something really important and Life Changing is going to happen for the TARGET!


The inserted “hit” is very out of place and out of character with everything else that is going on!  And it seemingly comes in at the very last possible moment.

It seems so out of character…, that it was CUT AND PASTED into the time-line.


The people around the event are being HIGHLY CONTROLLED!

Kavenaugh’s accuser is being HIGHLY controlled by Democratic Lawyers and Advocates!  This whole thing is being HIGHLY “managed” and directed.

The letter she orignally (supposedly) wrote is being held back and hidden by Diane Feinstein.

Diane Feinstein (being a Globalist) is very aware of TIME TRAVEL and Quantum Access cababiliites of the LUCIFERIAN CABAL.

Someone stepping out of a time portal into her office  (from the future) and handing her that letter and then telling her to sit on it until the very last minute would not be strange to her!

There are many more signs…, but take it from a guy who has been FIGHTING with the darkness all my life…, and who has done SERIOUS damage to their TIME-LINE!

They will fight back using Quantum Access and time-travel!

I’ve seen these hits take place in my OWN LIFE…, and I know what they look like.

It’s happened so often…, that I can say with fairly good certainty that what happened to Brett Kavenaugh is a TIME TRAVEL HIT!




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