How Convenient. Twitter Unveils New Rules Against ‘Dehumanizing Speech’ – And Includes ‘Age’ to Shield Joe Biden From Scrutiny

See the one on the bottom right – “religious group” – Insert the words: SATANISTS and LUCIFERIANS – and you’ll see why TWITTER is so suddenly protecting “religious groups”…

See this from the Keystone:

It is in this way that we will be able to make everyone consider as an abuse against children, the traditional religious teachings of Judaeo-Christian origins.

At the same time, but at another level, we will have inscribed in the highest Laws of the Nations, that all the Religions, the Cults and religious Practices of all sorts, including “Witchcraft and Magic”, must all be respected the same ways as each other in Definition.

Satanism = defended religious group

In that sense, it cannot constitute a solid basis for the continuity of any society, and even less a safe bet for taking care of its elders.

In the same vein, it is also imperative to have created a “Bill of Individual Rights and Liberties”, and “Citizen’s Protection Services” touting to the masses that these innovations are an integral part of the “Modernity” of the “New Societies of the 20th century.


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