By: Bradley Loves

The first Civil War in America was all about Slavery and those who wanted to get rid of it.

It was not only a deep divide between the North and the South…, but it was a deep divide between Republicans and Democrats and their political ideologies!

Abraham Lincoln was the nations very first Republican President!

He was being fought against by those who wanted to enslave others!  Even back in 1860 (almost 160 years ago) or 8 full generations,  the battle against slavery was on going here in America!

The Coming Civil War (ironically) is once again going to be fought between Republicans and Democrats.   And once again, it is about SLAVERY!  


This time…, the Democrats don’t want to just enslave blacks…, but they want to enslave EVERYONE in America (and the world) under the banner of a NEW WORLD ORDER!

In this New World Order…, you will do what you are told…, OR ELSE!

Democrats want the STATE to dictate all rules, all  laws and all behaviors from on high…, just like a SLAVE OWNER DOES from the main house on a large “plantation” where all work and labor is done for the MASTER.

Democrats believe in RULE from on high…, and also believe that only a few are capable of ruling!

They want individual choice for everyone else REMOVED!

BIG TECH has been appointed as the slave master of the field workers!   Twitter/Facebook/Google/Insta-gram/You-tube have been given THE WHIP!

It is their job to whip and beat anyone who does not do or say as they are supposed to do and say!

BIG TECH is whipping and beating anyone who does not think, say, and do as they are being told!

Censoring and banning, defunding and demonetizing is the end of the whip striking the backs of all Christians and Conservatives here in America!!


So says BIG TECH! So says Facebook!  So says Twitter!  So says You-tube!

Donald Trump is a REPUBLICAN President!    How strange is the irony of History that time always circles back to what happened in the past!

Make no mistake…, the coming CIVIL WAR is all about SLAVERY!

Once again…, things have not changed in 160 years!   It is only the type and style of slavery that is in question here!

160 years have passed since the first civil war…, and so…, naturally the type and style of slavery being attempted after that many years would be a technological type of slavery that was policed and enforced by TECHNOLOGY – BIG TECH – AI – HIDDEN MASTERS.

That is the ONLY DIFFERENCE here!

It is still very much all about SLAVERY…, and guess what…, the SAME DAMN PEOPLE…, the Democrats…, are still trying to push SLAVERY on every one here in America…, just like they did 160 years ago!



So…, is this all there is, or can we LOOK DEEPER?

Looking Deeper we find that it is not really the Democrats pushing slavery…, but a secret and very well hidden group of SECRET SOCIETIES behind the Democrats!

Freemasonry (aka Lucifierianism) is what is behind the driving force for the enslavement of mankind!

Always has it been so!

The WHORE OF BABYLON has not gone away…, not in over 6,000 years!

Jesus Christ came 2,000 years ago and faced off with the WHORE OF BABYLON in the form of the Roman Empire!

Slavery was alive and well back then…, as well as the Courts, Judges, Police and Political Lawyers who profited off of the enslavement of others.

Human beings just can’t seem to learn!

And to “confuse” people…, the dark side always changes money, governments, countries, and leaders every so often so that mankind can think and believe (falsely) that they have finally gotten rid of the Satanists.

As we speak.., the Satanists and those who want the New World Order are moving to CHINA!

They want to destroy America only so that China can rise up and rule the entire world for the next 100 years!

One hundred years from now…, they will destroy China and rise up somewhere else in the world.

The people MOST RESPONSIBLE for the 6,000 year continuation of SATANISM and EVIL in the world are strangely the “SPIRITUALISTS” and “NEW AGE” type groups who maintain an unfathomable belief system that says the WORLD NEEDS EVIL!

They make the preposterous claim that we need DARK to balance out the LIGHT…, so whenever the entire world is set and ready to defeat evil and darkness once and for all…, the spiritualists in the form of NEW AGE type people switch to the dark side in order to DEFEND IT at all costs!

We can see this happening as we speak!

Their reasoning is that DARK is necessary and so they use their own bodies as human shields to protect every single EVIL and SATANIC Human Being…, and so the cycle NEVER ENDS!

This is what has been happening for the last 6,000 years…, and from what I can see…, I can tell you that the SAME THING will happen again.

We will be within an INCH of defeating the dark side forever…, and the millennial New Agers will come out in the millions and PROTECT every single Satanist!

This has happened before…, and it appears as if it will happen again!

This is how PURE EVIL has managed to survive for so long without ever being defeated once and for all!

When they (evil) have gone as far as they can with their tricks and dark magic…, they teach at least 2 full generations of young people that DARK and LIGHT are both necessary and that DARK serves a very useful purpose and MUST BE SAVED AT ALL COSTS!

It is these very same YOUNG PEOPLE who are begging for Socialism, Communism, No Free Speech and Total dictatorial Control!

They are defending Satanism…, but not Christianity!

They are right on schedule…, and I wonder if THIS TIME…, humanity can finally see that we have a chance to RID THE WORLD of SATANISM FOREVER!!

Heaven on Earth can only take place once SATANISM IS DESTROYED!

We’ve had many opportunities to do it…, and have botched it every single time!

Will it be any different this time around??


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