By: Bradley Loves


The last thing the Democrats did as they vacated the Office of the President in 2016 was to turn our Highest Levels of Government into a complete “mockery” of justice!


They turned the CIA, FBI, NSA, DNI, and many other agencies into terrorist and criminal organizations where lying, cheating, breaking the law and creating false evidence took place on a daily basis, with the full intent to commit TREASON against America and to unseat & destroy a duly elected President!

It does not get any more EVIL than this!

The Democratic Party…, as the party in power…, cast down the rule of law and all shreds of human decency and decided to run the Government like a wholly controlled criminal cartel with a handful of Mafia Kingpins in charge.

The complicity of the underlings working in the endless bureaucratic nightmare that is Washington DC…, is the stuff legends (and Hollywood Movies) are made of!

In the James Bond and other spy type films from the 1960’s, the “secret island base” that is the lair of the diabolical madman who wants to take over the entire world…, is always filled with hundreds and hundreds of “minions” who can’t seem to understand that they are working for a guy who is PURE EVIL!

I never really understood how the “bad guys” in those movies could have so many “people” working for them who just didn’t get they were on the WRONG SIDE!

Naturally…, most of those working minions always got “blown up” and “sacrificed” when the entire island got torched as the madman tried to escape while being “chased down” by the good guys.

Well.., strangely…, it appears that Washington DC is filled with hundreds and hundreds of brainless “order following minions” just like in the movies who didn’t have the first clue that when they were told to break the law and commit TREASON and SEDITION…, they were supposed to say:



But apparently, Barack Insane Obama was running Washington DC just like a 1950 Chicago Whore House where “anything goes”…, and there really “are no rules”.

It was in this climate of breaking every law and overlooking every rule…, that the idea of taking down a duly elected President and committing blatant Treason and Sedition…, became just another “Monday” at the office in DC!

My humble opinion is that these hundreds and hundreds of MINIONS need to burn at the stake…, just as much as those “higher ups” who gave them the orders to do illegal things do.

Their complete disregard for the law and for every rule set down by governing bodies shows just how willing they were to do anything to score political points with the power players in DC and to throw all morals, ethics, and decency out the window as trash!

Donald Trump is correct!



But it needs to be not just drained of the big players…, but every single paper pusher and bureaucrat who is too blasted STUPID to know that Treason is illegal!

I’m hoping to see thousands of arrests right in DC as countless clerks, secretaries, assistants and third in command idiots get PUNISHED for not fessing up to the criminal activities that took place as the Democratic Party left power in Washington!

These people do not deserve jobs in DC…, they deserve jobs shoveling horse and cow manure in a prison setting…, because THAT is the only vocation their criminal minds won’t be able to turn into a criminal act.

See this article from the EPOCH TIMES for complete details on this entire sordid mess:

Spygate: The True Story of Collusion [Infographic]

How America’s most powerful agencies were weaponized against President Donald Trump



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