By: Bradley Loves


I took the time a day or so ago…, which is something I usually do NOT do…, and decided to check up on David Wilcock and Corey Goode.

I read Goodes entire post on his “trip” to VENUS…, which he CLAIMS that he made with a person from the “Inner Earth”.   After visiting VENUS…, he next visited SATURN!  Those are the only planets he went to (supposedly).

The purpose of the journey was to go a SUPER ANCIENT facility put on Venus by what is called the ANCIENT BUILDER RACE.  (A super advanced race of beings that lived in our solar system millions and millions of years ago.

I’ve posted the article for you so you can read it…, and what I personally want to call your attention to is the fact that in our own Ancient Past, the planet “Venus” was actually known as: LUCIFER

Above is a link to the post I’m talking about…., but I want to be clear that I do not BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD OF IT.

The video that I posted only a day or so ago…, the interview with JORDAN MAXWELL…, makes it clear to all of us that VENUS symbolically was the personification of LUCIFER to the ancients.

They called that planet:  THE DAY STAR…, or the BRINGER OF THE DAWN.

The reason they did so…, is that if you watched the night sky…, the planet Venus always came into view on the horizon just BEFORE the sunrise!

That’s why those people knew that once they could see VENUS, or LUCIFER…, rising in the night sky…, the SUN was soon to follow.

Therefore VENUS is “intimately” tied into the NEW WORLD ORDERS “LUCIFERIAN” mythology…, as is the planet SATURN.  SATURN worship is blatantly all over over our world in hidden ways…, and mixed in with our holy days and Holidays especially within the Catholic Church.   Saturnalia…, is actually Christmas.

Now…, for those of us who can actually THINK for ourselves…, and are not easily led around on a leash like a dog…., Ask yourself this.

WHY was Corey’s Goodes little “trip” around the Solar System (IF it even happened) to the ONLY TWO PLANETS in our system that are intimately connected to LUCIFER…., and the dark occult mythos of the NEW WORLD ORDER????

I’m not making this up!  You’ve got to be smarter and look deeper!

For those who are smart enough to ask these types of questions…, then much of what he wrote in his latest post is highly suspect…, and has SERIOUS OCCULT connotations to it.

Something is NOT RIGHT with this story!  It stinks to high heaven.

It is my OPINION (which I am allowed to have) that much of what he wrote is SYMBOLIC, and has everything to do with the LUCIFERIAN agenda.

I’ve NEVER believed a word he has said…, and DAVID WILCOCK has simply been duped…, (IN MY OPINION).

In addition to all of this…, there is a possible LUCIFER connection between Jirka Rysavy (the man who owns GIAM TV…,) which is the Network that puts out all of David Wilcock’s televised Material, and the New World Order itself.

It involves some of the biggest names in the New Age and needs to be looked into.

WATCH the Jordan Maxwell Video again!   Then read the Corey post and you will see something VERY WRONG about the deep LUCIFERIAN connections of VENUS and SATURN.


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