This article from the Conservative Treehouse lays out the Democrats plan in detail.  Using the “legal system” as a weapon of war…, their goal is to attack and destroy anyone standing in their way until Donald Trump is gone!

At this point in time…, I finally have to question the methods and timing of the President.  Waiting and waiting for the “government” to uncover and disclose and do “whatever” else only seems to be playing into the hands of the SATANISTS.

It seems to me all of this could have been done already and countless crimes of the democrats could have been exposed.

Why the continued DELAY with this kind of stuff coming on the horizon?

None of us who care about America want to see really evil lawyers wreak havoc upon the nation!  Isn’t it time these kinds of people were put out of their misery??

READ THE ARTICLE…, I consider it a good one!


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