By: Bradley Loves


Something is happening out there in the “air-waves”!

I know you can feel it.  Anyone who is at all sensitive to “energy” or to “frequency” can tell that something is NOT right.

(And NO…, it’s not “Ascension” jitters)

We are in a period of “push” where the GLOBALISTS are scrambling to gain the upper hand in a WAR against the people that they thought they should have already won!

With the election of Donald Trump – and many other “populist” leaders around the world…, “they” see their New World Order slipping from their grasp.

Naturally…, the most innocent (We the People) are the ones that have to bear the brunt of the attacks of the Global Cabal, and these attacks are manifesting in a “heightened” form of MIND CONTROL!

Now…, for those who do not have their head in the sand…, the signs of this heightened MIND CONTROL are everywhere!




What you CAN see…, is everywhere and it is the endless attacks on FREE SPEECH – CHRISTIANS – CONSERVATIVES – and DECENCY.

You-tube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Insta-gram and others are leading the Big Tech push to limit, hide, ban, censor, and harass WE THE PEOPLE.

This is a form of “overt” MIND CONTROL…, because it is an attempt to control the narrative, and there by control public opinion and therefore control public thought!

High Schools, Universities, Corporations (the work place), the Media and even State and Local Governments are ALL involved with BIG TECH and are using every dirty trick they know of to control our thoughts and thus control the narrative.

This CONTROL is unimaginably important IF they want to keep moving forward with the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The only real difference between what is happening HERE, and what happened in the former Soviet Union and Communist China is that those countries “arrested” millions of people and put them into GULAGS (Concentration Camps) for the crime of wrong thinking.

In 2019…, the Globalists do not need to do this kind of sweeping INCARCERATIONS…, because they have HIGHLY ADVANCED EQUIPMENT and TECHNOLOGY at their finger tips and they are using it!

Which brings us to an even bigger subject:


What you can’t see is the onslaught of the GWEN TOWER SYSTEM and CELL TOWER SYSTEM which are broadcasting frequencies and waves all across America (many of which are deliberately designed to have an effect on your MOODS and THOUGHTS).

This is a general system that keeps people DOCILE (like cattle) so that they do not rise up or get angry when Freedoms and Liberties are taken away from them right in front of their eyes!

Without this system in place…, most people in America would have SHOT every TSA worker already!

These MONSTERS that are grabbing crotches and breasts would have been beaten to a pulp in the 1960’s and 1970’s – there is NO question about this – PERIOD!

Anyone who grabbed the crotch of a small child right in front of their parents probably would have been SHOT!

What “prevents this” is the MIND NUMBING EFFECTS of the Gwen Tower/Cell Tower System which is pumping out a constant flow of frequencies designed to keep people from FEELING normal human emotions.

In addition to this general or BROAD SPECTRUM of TECHNOLOGICAL MIND CONTROL.., there is also a very highly “targeted” component!

This component (early on) consisted of IMPLANTS!

Doctors and Dentists in America in the 60’s and 70’s actually worked hand in hand with the Federal Government to insert IMPLANTS into unsuspecting men, women and children either for experimental MIND CONTROL purposes OR…, simply because these people had been seen as a potential problem for the coming NEW WORLD ORDER!

Many times little children would go in to the hospital to get their tonsils taken out and come out of this minor surgery with a technological IMPLANT inside of their body…, courtesy of the CIA, NSA, or some other Government Agency!

This was rampant in the 1960’s and 1970’s!

These “implants” allowed for direct MIND CONTROL of a specific human being.

Then in the 1980 and 1990’s with the help of the Alien Grays and other dimensional beings…, the IMPLANTS went from actual physical things in your body or your teeth…, to invisible implants that were on a higher level.

These were called:  ASTRAL IMPLANTS and were next generation technology for the direct control over a living and breathing man, woman, or childs thoughts and actions!

ASTRAL IMPLANTS could be installed while you were sleeping by “entities” who working on a less dense level of creation.

These ENTITIES were working with the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS – the KGB, CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD, the JESUITS, etc.


Once the 2000’s came around even ASTRAL IMPLANTS were no longer necessary.

By this time the world-wide CHEM TRAIL OPERATION had started and ONE of the goals of this operation was to get every man, woman and child SATURATED with NANO-TECH and NANO PARTICLES.

By breathing in this self organizing “TECH”…, we would have tiny “ANTENNAE” inside every part of our bodies and the Global Militaries could literally reach in and attack any organ or any part of our physical bodies with the push of a button!

The HEART ATTACK GUN – which they used as a directed form of frequency attack weapon in the 80’s and 90’s was about to become OBSOLETE!

As we near 2020 (the time of perfect sight) – the GLOBAL ELITE are pushing heavily to activate 5-G all around us.

Since most people have no clue as to what 5-G will do…, here it is…, in stark military terms!

5-G creates a REAL TIME – Holographic and 3 dimensional MAP of any place in the entire world with just the push of a button!

Imagine something like what you see above, only FAR MORE ADVANCED than this.

Not only can they “map” entire city blocks in real-time…, (anywhere in the world) they can then ZOOM in on any building on that grid, and MAP the entire “inside” of the building as well, looking through all of the walls and into any room inside of the building with the push of another button.

They can then see every human being walking around inside of the building and where they are in real-time and what they are doing!

Then…, they can even ZOOM in (thanks to your NANO-TECH) and look right inside of your body and watch your own heart beating and the blood flowing through  your veins!

They can pick out any human being inside of any building and look right into their BRAIN!

All with this Super Advanced “3 dimensional Mapping software”!

All thanks to 5-G!!



There will be NO PLACE ON EARTH that you will be able to hide or not be seen!

Forget about looking right through your clothes and seeing you naked (which is already OLD technology)…. this same technology gives them 100 percent ACCESS to any organ in your body and also access to your MIND and your THOUGHTS… and your ability to react to any situation.

So…, why have you never heard of this before?



Now you ALSO know why they hire PEDOPHILES to run this type of technology!  It is because anyone who uses it must be okay with seeing through the clothes of little kids all day long!  (They have to like seeing naked children).

Depending upon how OBEDIENT YOU ARE to the New World Order…, you will be left alone!  But if you are NOT OBEDIENT…, “corrective measures” will be taken with this TECHNOLOGY!

What we are witnessing is basically the ENSLAVEMENT of the entire human race…, done COVERTLY and BEHIND THEIR BACKS!

It is the culmination of 70 years of SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS mentality!

Anyone who is not actively under the thumb of “CORRECTIVE MEASURES” will have no clue that this is actually happening all across the world as we speak, because THE GLOBALISTS will “deny” that they are doing it!


Because it’s all invisible!  It can’t be SEEN!



Corrective Measures is any action necessary to bring you back into OBEDIENCE!  It can be physical or non-physical.  It can be controlling your thoughts, creating health problems inside of your otherwise healthy body, getting you fired from your job, creating animosity between family members or husbands and wives…, destroying your life in countless ways!

Of course…, these are ALL tactics that the CIA has used for years and years already…, only this will now be done using TECHNOLOGY instead of having to send out “agents” to F*CK with your life on a physical level.

Instead it can be done by pushing buttons!

Think of future AGENTS sitting at a large screen TV in a darkened room or bunker – and using a video controller type device in order to CONTROL REAL PEOPLE on a global map…, and you’ll start to get the idea of just where they want to go with this tech!


As we speak, young people in America are being “indoctrinated” by the tens of thousands into SATANISM…, so that there will be plenty of willing human beings who don’t CARE about anyone else but themselves – and are willing to RUN this kind of system (for a good paycheck).

This is why Barack Obama (and Hillary) are and were so very desperate to get rid of ANY IDEA OF GOD here in this country!

Godly people won’t particpate in this, or do this kind of thing to others!  And they really NEED young people to run the TECH!


(You were sleeping…, and listening to channlers and channeled entities and waiting for an Ascension that WILL NEVER COME)


Now…, if you think this is the END of what they are doing…, you’d be WRONG!  You’d be wrong…,because for ALL OF THIS CONTROL that is already in place…, the LUCIFERIANS are terrified of GOD!

Because they themselves are MAGICIANS…, they know that there are very POWERFUL SOULS living out quiet lives here on Earth!

They do not trust GOD to simply let them take over the entire world and let it go.  They figure that there are perhaps hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people on Earth that are truly POWERFUL BEINGS…, and simply can’t be MIND CONTROLLED even with technology.

And…, they’d be correct!

For THESE PEOPLE – there are two levels above everything else!

  • Demonic Entities
  • DARK Artificial Intelligence

These are two added and extra levels for those human beings who just can’t be brought in line.

They have already deployed hundreds of thousands of DEMONIC and ASTRAL ENTITIES…, (whom they feed with human child sacrifice) to subdue…, torment, harass, torture, and in every single way INVADE the lives of any strong human being who refuses to go along with the NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN!

As we speak…, countless good people are being targeted and tormented DAILY by these ASTRAL BEINGS!

All with the knowledge and blessings of the CIA, NSA, JESUITS.., etc.

Now…, believe it or not…, there are some beings on Earth who are SO STRONG and SO POWERFUL…, that even these Astral Entities are having a very difficult time.

And so…, on top of being tormented by Astral Entities…, DARK AI has been deployed on these people as well!

Just like in the image above…, where the runner just can’t be tackled by anyone…, and keeps going…, believe me…, there really are people here on Earth who are that strong and powerful!


I’m talking real CARING people who are awake and aware and are at WAR WITH THE DARK FORCES on behalf of humanity.

Their “reward” for working this hard to FREE humanity is the “deployment” of ALL OF THE ABOVE…, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

They are under every sort of attack possible and imaginable and they STILL keep going.

They are under the direct focus of MIND CONTROL – NANO TECH – DEMONIC ENTITIES and ROGUE AI…, and are battling these “corrective measures” every second of every day…, and they STILL won’t give up!  They are working hard every day for YOU!


Now.., when people complain to me that they have the sniffles or a stubble toe and need to STAY IN BED because life is difficult and it’s hard to try to wake people or write on a blog!

When they tell me the “energy” is harsh today and they just need to “take care of themselves”…..


Not when I know what other heroic people are going through each and every second of every single day!

Don’t even tell me you can’t “afford” to support people who are doing the LIONS share of the work…, and are being attacked relentlessly for it.

Yes…, the energies are getting FUNKY out there…, and that is because TOO FEW have engaged in the battle to save the Earth!

What you are feeling is the gradual FALL OF MAN INTO THE PIT OF SATANISM!

If you don’t like this feeling…, then DO SOMETHING besides sitting on the couch and watching it like a TV SHOW!

All my love….





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