By: Bradley Loves


There is nothing that has given more fuel to those who would rule over the world…, and put a NEW WORLD ORDER into power than the “LIE”.

I have spoken about this over and over again in my writings…, trying to get men and women to understand how vitally important it is to be honest in all things…, and to shun deception in ANY FORM…, (even secrecy), which are parts of Satan’s tool box!

However…, on the very “slippery slope” of the politically correct, a-moral world we are told we should all be in support of…, TRUTH has become the first MAJOR casualty!

I’m tired of having to point this out…, because in my mind…, it is so obvious, and so self apparent…, that to have to call attention to it seems ridiculous.

It is like having to stand on a street corner and tell passers by to “remember that the sky is blue”….

And yet…,  as ludicrous as that sounds…, it is not far from the reality we are facing…, in that it seems that “billions” of human beings living on Earth have seemingly “forgotten” that the TRUTH is vitally important to our safety, and our very survival as a species!

The BRAINWASHING…, that it would take to get people to forget this…, would have to be clever and sadistic indeed!

And yet…, when you look at the Main Stream Media…, the Government…, the Military, and all of the “agencies”…, LIES…, have not only become “common place”…., but they have become the “standard”!

I wrote an article about Joseph Goebbels a while back…, and I posted many of the things he said directly from an on-line site called: AZ QUOTES!

Goebbels, if you’ll remember was the Minister for Propaganda for the Nazi’s!

Here is a link to just SOME of the things he said…, and please read them all…, and see if you can’t see a perfect parallel between what he says…, and how the WORLD WIDE MEDIA is operating today!!

Here is the link:

If you read what he says…, you’ll be appalled to see (if you are HONEST with yourself).., that this type of thinking is exactly what we are seeing from our own MEDIA…, and our own “Agencies”.., (CIA, NSA, NRO, FBI, etc…)…, all of whom have “taken” what Goebbels said and have made it their OWN philosophy!

In other words…, “the lie”…, has become the ONLY TOOL in the tool box that is being used any longer…, and thus…, THE TRUTH…, can hardly be found!

The “greatest” disappointment, in my mind as concerns this appalling turn of people’s attention away from TRUTH…, is that the NEW AGE COMMUNITY (so called spiritual people) have in mass…, accepted that…, to LIE…, or to DECIEVE…, is no big deal…, and has no real affect or consequence on our world or our reality.., when in fact.., it creates MASSIVE DAMAGE on a daily basis!

We have countless apologists in the New Age…, who…, in everything they write…, and in the CRAP they “channel” and then post on their blogs and websites as “valid informational teachings” from the beyond.., APOLOGIZE for men and women who TELL LIES!

Barack Obama is the greatest example of this…, a man who (regardless of who the channelers “say” he is or was)…, LIED…, and LIED…, and LIED over and over and over again!

No one who is a high soul would do this…, and yet…, here again…, is a “channeled message” telling us that he was!

See this link:

April 2, 2017

This lady.., who claims to be channeling her own son who died early…, has “claimed” for years that Barack Obama is a high soul…, and was selected to “help the world” by high beings.

However…, Obama has LIED about almost every single thing that ever happened to him…, and what these blasted New Agers seem to “forget” is that… THE SKY IS BLUE!!

Meaning…, that the TRUTH is vitally important for our lives and our society…, and anyone who LIES as much as Obama did… CAN’T possibly be spiritual because if he was…, he would NOT have used “THE LIE”…, as if it was the only thing he’d ever done in his life!

I’ve written about Obama’s LIES before…, and yet…, NEW AGE BLOGGERS (who  just want to “believe”…, regardless of any proof to the contrary) continue to post and blog about his “greatness”.

Listen up people!

  • Barack Obama is a “gay man”!  So therefore he LIED about his marriage to a “woman”.  Michelle Obama’s name is really Michael, and is a transgender.
  • This guy could not even tell the TRUTH about his own sexuality…, so how can we trust anything else he ever said or did.
  • The children that he had in the whitehouse were mere props!
  • He continued the LIE about 9/11 even though we KNOW…, and countless other whistle blower and researchers have already put this out, that it was an “inside job”.
  • He contineud to hide the TRUTH of the secret space program…, LIED about killing Osama bin Laden (who was already dead)…, continued to allow the pharma-ceutical industry to “vaccinate” everthing that moves, continued to support the Federal Reserve Banking System…, passed more Executive Orders helping the NWO that any other president…,

So…, all I can say is STOP IT ALREADY!!

I’ve heard enough of how Barack Obama was a “high soul”…


High “souls”…, do NOT LIE!  They do not “use” DECEPTION on a daily and moment by moment basis!!


Hey…, everyone out there…, THE SKY IS BLUE…, remember??

Did you forget that??

Look up…, look at the sky…, and look closely at that color up there…, yes…, that bluish color…, that kind of look like blue…, THAT’S BLUE!!

LIARS…, and CON ARTISTS…, and those who “use”  THE LIE…, are not spiritual!

They are NOT HIGH SOULS…, because HIGH SOULS are never willing to sacrifice the TRUTH for any reason…, AND…, would rather die!

The “apologists” say well, his “life” was threatened…, so he had to, or was FORCED to lie!


That’s all it takes….?



My life has been threatened!  My life has been targeted…, my life has been directly attacked in ways I’ve never even written about!

Guess what…, even though I’ve been told that I’m in “danger” for telling the TRUTH…, that only makes me want to tell MORE OF IT!!


That is the mark of a very high soul…, which is someone who does not compromise his or her morals and ethics when faced with harsh reactions from other people or adversity to their own lives!!

That is the very definition of a HIGH SOUL.

Barack Obama is a LOW SOUL…, becuase of his constant willingness to LIE…, just about every single thing he was and stood for!

Finally it comes down to this:

Channelers…, and channeled entites be damned!!!!

If you hear or read a Channeler and a Channeled Entity telling you that lying and decieving is necessary…, then you are 100 percent totally LOST.

You have lost your way back to GOD…, simply because GOD IS THE TRUTH!

I’ve said my peace…, and added my two cents…

Think on these things!

All my love…..

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