By: Bradley Loves


Consider this post a “Back to Basics” TWO article.

There is really only one single thing that is keeping our world…, and our collectively created “REALITY” from becoming a very LOVIING and HAPPY reality.

That one single is this:


More commonly known as: DECEPTION

I really don’t know how many “so-called” spiritual people that I have talked to over the years who 100 percent completely defend and over-look the idea that LYING and being UNTRUTHFUL…, is somehow not dangerous to our world.

The reason I say:  “so-called” spiritual people…, is that this IDEA is not spiritual at all!  It is, instead, by it’s very nature:   SATANIC

In the very “crazy” and “bizzare” world of non-judgement…, these hapless men and women seem to think that COSMIC and NATURAL LAWS cease to exist in their very presence!

LYING or being UNTRUTHFUL…, is a trasgresstion against Natrual Law (Cosmic Law)…, and carrries grave consequences for those who participate!

Even against “PRESIDENTS”…, and even against “souls” like Barack Obama.

There is no such thing as: dispensation…, or a get our of KARMA free card, simply because you chose to come here on a mission.

The Karmic…, (not to mention COSMIC) consequences are very wide and far reaching for those men and women who seem to think that FREEWILL means that you can engage in DECEPTION without consequence.

This is nothing more than a FANTASY!    And, I would hope that one day…, so called SPIRITUAL PEOPLE will learn this one single lesson!

You can’t lie and use deception at your whim…, and the END never justifies the means!

While we DO…, have “freewill” here on this world stage to choose what we will (or will not) do while we are here…, we ALSO will get the consequence of those choices every single time!

Remember…, NON ACTION…, and NON CHOOSING…, is also a choice!

This is where my last post becomes very “instructive”….

By NOT choosing to act…, you are in fact choosing to accept any result that comes…, which is created by the rest of humanity.  Non-choosing…, is to accept the default choice that is being made by others.

That is a given and can NOT be questioned!  (A NATURAL LAW)

No matter what “messages” come from the BEYOND…, and are clothed in soft, and seemingly loving words…, they are 100 FAKE if they seek to teach you things that go against NATRUAL/COSMIC LAW!

This is where most New Agers…, just are not clever or smart enough for their own good.

They think and believe whole heartedly that it is SPIRITUAL to give up their own thinking processes…, and to SURRENDER to someone else!

They think SURRENDERING their minds, voices and actions over to someone or something that they think of as HIGHER BEINGS or from the beyond is SALVATION…, when in reality…., it is SLAVERY and DESTRUCTION.

I know what I am talking about here…, and eventually each and every man, woman and child who chose to “surrender” their hearts and minds over to someone else will deeply REGRET the day that they did so.

It is only a matter of time.

Those men and women who have chosen the left handed path…, the PATH OF LUCIFER…., are in the process (as we speak) of finally revealing themselves and their TRUE plans for the world.

To stick your head in the sand at this point…, and to engage in non action and non judgement is simply to say that YOU are willing to accept THEIR plans for the Earth and for man kind.

Even though this may not yet be clear…, you will soon see (if you survive the next decade or two) that what they are going to “roll out” is a 100 percent Satanic and Luciferian world…, done mostly through MIND CONTROL…, and eventually through complete BODY CONTROL as a result of technological and mechanical IMPLANTS.

To choose to NOT JUDGE…, and to choose to NOT ACT…, you are then basically “accepting” what ever result takes place on the world.


All my love….


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