By: Bradley Loves

For those of you who may not yet have “felt” it happening to you.., you soon may!

Control of the MIND is very important to the Khazarian Mafia/Crime Cabal that is running the planet.

In very real terms…, as each day goes by…, those of us who are standing up against the dark and Draconian system…, and who are blowing the whistle on those who are pure evil…,  are being “targeted” in multiple ways which are as despotic and criminal as you can imagine.

If you are having trouble with understanding this…, just try to imagine the type of people who worked inside the Bush administration that lobbied impossibly hard while trying to make a case that TORTURE was a very necessary thing, and did everything that they could to bring back into practice brutal and hellish torment toward men and women in their custody!

IF you can find a small level of disgust for these people…, You may just get a tiny idea about how dirty and evil these men and women are.

I myself can “FEEL” the daily pressure of the waves and frequencies that are being propagated by the technologies of MIND CONTROL in the USA!

It’s as simple as this:

Have you ever tried to have a thought…, and then FEEL that you were being actively BLOCKED from having that thought?  And that no matter how much you tried…, it was like there was a wall trying to stop you from “going there”?

Have you ever tried to retrieve a memory…, and then FEEL tremendous pressure on your mind, and know that the memory you are trying to retrieve is being actively BLOCKED in the same way?

Have you ever felt that your MIND was being very suddenly invaded by thoughts that were not necessarily yours (that were evil)…, and wondered WHERE they were coming from, and no matter how much you pushed them away…, they kept coming back with more and more force?

Welcome to the wonderful world of TECHNOLOGICAL MIND CONTROL and the BATTLE FIELD being overseen by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

Maybe now you are just starting to get a tiny idea of what CAN BE DONE with waves and frequencies that are tuned just right, and then specifically targeted at a single man or woman of interest.

The technology necessary to reach into the MINDS and THOUGHTS of humanity is here RIGHT NOW!

This is something that you are going to have to get clear on…., or the human race is doomed!

The NEW AGERS are so behind on this one issue…, and so out in left field with regards to what is happening here on the Earth at this time…, that to trust them to keep you up to date with the latest and the greatest…., will most likely prove fatal to you in the end.

In my case…, because I care so much about humanity.., doing research work and writing articles is slowing down as a result of these technologies…, and becoming harder and harder as time passes…, only because more and more “DIRECTED” energetic attacks against me are being undertaken by those who want to shut me up.

In addition…, there are “unseen” mercenaries of other dimensions that I talked about in a previous article that are VERY REAL.

Those who do the endless SATANIC RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE (the Lucifereans) are actively feeding these entities…,  and then bidding them to do their will sending them to attack innocent humans (those who are standing against their NEW WORLD ORDER TAKE OVER AGENDA) on levels that can’t be seen.

There are NO WORDS to even properly describe the level of cowardess that these Satan worshipers display in their sordid tactics, because it is impossible to describe a human being that has sunk this low!

These men and women are the epitome and definition of pure COWARDS…, who really are proving with each new evil act and breath…., that they do not deserve the life they have been gifted with.

Those who join with them and work for them…, (and take their made out of thin air money while doing their bidding) are NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE.

Most of HOLLYWOOD and the MUSIC INDUSTRY are in this category!

Too many people have been convinced by the deceptions of the NEW AGE…., that there IS NO CONSEQUENCE for actions taken here on Earth.

The NEW AGE has convinced these hapless people that this is ONLY a game…, and that there is NO DIFFERENCE between good and evil…, or dark and light.

This is a huge…., monumental…., gargantuan…., and impossible to adequately describe ERROR!

There IS A VERY REAL DIFFERENCE…, and those who take the DARK PATH…, will reap the  horrible consequences of the seeds they now sow!

The problem is this however….

Will the Earth be able to be saved by those of us who live here BEFORE these evil beings get their consequence…, or will it perish because the good people living here were too cowardly to act?

Many people who bought into the deceptions of the NEW AGE…, will soon wish they have never HEARD of the NEW AGE, and will be terribly SORRY, when they see just how much damage these faulty teachings and ideas have done to the Earth, and humanity at large!

Technology is ever rolling forward…, and soon the power of a machine to totally control everything you think, say and do…, will be a reality!

What will THOSE who are so willing to overlook evil do then?


There are some concrete examples to my rant…, not just speculations.

Let’s take a for instance!  A sort of “welcome” to my life example.

I have a fairly new laptop in my possession that was purchased to replaced the one that was most recently hacked.

Yesterday…, I also purchased a mobile Wi-fi device so that I could have an internet connection in places where it is usually not available.  I got a card which was good for 5 gigabytes of service.

I made sure it was working and then turned it OFF…, and went to bed.

This morning when I got up…, over 1.5 gigabytes of that service had been depleted…, used somehow…, while the device (which was password protected) was off.  In addition…, my new computer…, would not boot up properly this morning…, and showed a totally black screen after the boot.

Bells and whistles were going off after I again rebooted it telling me that all of firewalls had been turned off…, and it was clear that my new computer had been hacked during the night…EVEN THOUGH IT WAS TURNED OFF.

The data usage on the mobile Wi-fi device proves that it was used as the source of hack…, even though THAT DEVICE was also supposedly turned OFF.

Needless to say…, I have known for awhile that even though the NEWEST electronic devices seem to be turned off…, they are really NOT OFF…, and can be reactivated internally through back doors provided to the “government” for “security” reasons.

Naturally security has nothing to do with why these back doors are really there!

This is why Microsoft’s Bill Gates is one of the worlds most evil criminals.  He sold his soul and his honor to Dark Forces when he handed the keys of the Microsoft kingdom over to the Satan Worshipping Cabal years ago.

So my life experience is basically this:

In order to continue to write articles and bring the TRUTH to my readers, I apparently must get a new computer once every three months or so…, because that is about how long it takes to totally destroy a clean one remotely.

This is just stuff that is happening in the physical realm.

On the “unseen” levels…, there are constant ATTACKS from out of body entities who are mercenaries for the Dark Cabal…, and their Satan Worshiping buddies, which include MOST WORLD LEADERS.

As if all of that was not enough…, there are directed frequency and wave type attacks directed at my MIND while am trying to do my research and writing.., which are very easy to recognize and CAN BE FELT and ANALYZED especially since they try to impede my progress.

Isn’t is curious how the CHANNELING COMMUNITY never seems to bring this up in just one of the “millions” of weekly channeled messages!

You might want to ask one of these so called loving entities WHY they never address this type of activity in their messages, and why they seem SO SYMPATHETIC to those who are actually doing it.

Needless to say…, if I were just to “lay down” and accept that all of the evil being done in the world was OKAY…, like the NEW AGE teaches us to do…, I might be left alone.

Curious again how only those men and women who are pointing out the flaws of the NEW AGE, and the system we are living under are being ATTACKED.

Curious a third time how the thousands of Channelers seem to be “just fine”, and completely healthy…, and never come under any kind of frequency attack at all…, when it is CLEAR that these technologies DO in fact exist…, and are being used on others.

If it were not for my ability to protect myself… and use my MIND in such a way that for the most part blocks these vicious attacks…, I would probably have not survived.

The truth is that I am not only surviving…, but still continuing to do research, write and expose these things…, in the face of great adversity.


Those who have “given in” to the Cabal…, and are carrying out the Cabals “orders” could take a few lessons here concerning the difference between what it is to be a PURE COWARD…, as opposed to being someone with PURE COURAGE.

I ask you to think on these things!  All my love













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