Love, Truth, and Justice is coming! 

You will see it finally when the smoke of our current battle clears.  What is happening right now, and what we are going through right now is a Wake-Up Call.

It is an attention grabber sent from God.

For far too long, society world-wide has been ignoring and tolerating things which God cannot and will not tolerate, and for good reason.

We have been “allowing” others to do things, to say things, and to encourage things (and teach others to do the same) which are not only dangerous to life here on Earth, but are in fact are “Anti-Life”

If things had been allowed to continue the way they were going (without this wake-up call) then all life on Earth would have been in great danger from the agenda of the Deep State which is made up of mostly Luciferians!

We as a species can not afford to allow and tolerate people whose goals and ideas are “anti-life’.

  • Satanism is “anti-life”
  • Abortion is “anti-life”
  • The entire “corporate system” world wide has become “anti-life”
  • The banking system and the courts have become “anti-life”
  • The “legal system” has become “anti-life”
  • The “medical system” has become “anti-life”
  • The “governmental system” has become “anti-life”
  • The “media and news system” has become “anti-life”
  • The “educational system” has become “anti-life”


Sadly, so much of the way that the world behaves these days is actually in full support of those who are “anti-life” and preach “anti-life” values, that God had to DO SOMETHING!

God wants us to know for a fact that the world can NOT SURVIVE with these kinds of people at the helm.  It will simply just END if they are allowed to be in charge, because that is their mentality and their vibration.

God does not want this to happen! 

And very honestly, it does not matter if “YOU” as an individual cannot see where this is all leading to just yet!  The only thing that actually matters is that GOD HIMSELF can see what is coming down the road if things on our world do not change.

Child grooming/Child sex/Drag Queens/Trans-gender/Trans-humanism/ the blending of man and machine technologies, mRNA Gene Therapy, Genetic Manipulation of all humans, animals, plants, insects and all life on Earth is DANGEROUS.

 Additionally, the extreme moral, sexual, and ethical deviancy that goes along with those who are running the world is “anti-life” as well.

All of the strange porn, sexual deviancy, bondage, BDSM, S&M, that people think is just a “fetish” is actually hurting and harming the world in ways that can’t be imagined as of yet!

Sadly, these are the only people who seem to get hired into government positions any longer, and so this is who we are allowing to LEAD us!

Also, the strange fascination with MIND CONTROL and V2k and RNM will only cause extreme chaos, fear, and strife among all the people of Earth!

This is anything but wise, because when evil people are allowed to lead, they always lead those who follow them to destruction!

Also, teaching very young school children about sex, genitals, and how to pleasure themselves is creating and causing GREAT HARM to the flow of life on Earth and to a stable reality that sustains life.

If you do not understand this, then once again please be aware that just because you can not see the “end result” of this kind of thinking and behavior – does not mean that God cannot see where this will all lead to very quickly.

All the people who think and behave in this way are on a path to their own destruction! 

This being said, it is we who are “tasked” with the guardianship of the planet that can not afford to allow their practices or their behavior to be tolerated among us – only because if we do allow it, then it will destroy the rest of us as well.

The people who have infiltrated and who are now running almost all of the world’s systems belong to a DEATH CULT!

This means that they worship DEATH! 

Please revisit this Juan  O. Savin video where he do no longer minces words or pulls any punches!


This DEATH CULT now controls all of the most important industries, corporations, banks, governmental systems, and positions of power on Earth!

Their goal was to kill off or “sacrifice” all of us just so that their satanic gods/deities would be pleased with them. 

Their gods/deities demand “death” and “sacrifice” in order to feed on that energy.

God sent this “wake-up call” to all of the Earth because the people world wide had been “conned”, “lied to”, and “convinced” by FAKE CLERGY and FAKE PROPHETS that tolerating these kinds of things is (or was) the spiritual and uplifting thing to do!


The reasons for speaking up and for speaking out become very obvious when you realize that these practices lead our society into a downward and very self-destructive spiral.

As an example…, just look what the NAZI’s (in Ukraine) were doing by being left alone and by being tolerated!!  They were engaged in Child Sex Trafficking, gun running and smuggling, drug running, money laundering, and the worst of it was that they had over 30 Bio-logical Weapons Factories underground that were working on Bio-weapons to kill off humanity!


The constant preaching of extreme tolerance and “not judging that” was just a part of the extreme “damage” done to peoples thinking by the New Age, (which was started by Freemasons), as well as the Liberal Socialist mind control programming over the last many decades, and the Liberal/Socialist education system which all “indoctrinated” and “inculcated” people to just be tolerant of everything and everyone regardless of what they thought, said, and did.

The “use” of “pronouns” is just one example of the idiocy running around college Campuses!

Countless clergy world-wide have been preaching and telling their congregations that being TOLERANT and ACCEPTING of these types of behaviors is both acceptable and spiritual!

It is not spiritual, because it accepts and allows those who worship these kinds of behaviors to not only walk among us, but to amass great power and to garner great influence in all of the important systems of the world such that the very nature and fabric of our reality is in DANGER.

These over tolerant preachers have been leading their own flocks astray and into HELL!

Thank goodness that God sent Volunteer Souls and Emissaries to the Earth (at this time) who could not, and would not be conned!

Even though those who have been conned can not see it, the reason that this is not the spiritual thing to do is that God can see where our world will end up (if these people who are extremely hungry for power and control) are allowed to continue to run things and be in charge.


The Death Cult worships a different kind of god with very different values, and when we “tolerate them” it not only leads to their death and destruction, but  it leads to OUR death and destruction as well.

Please watch this video!



You, doing “nothing” and saying “nothing” and thinking “nothing” about how all of this affects the entire world and how it affects our species means you are blind! 

Even if you are going or have been going to a church on a regular basis, and you have a preacher or a pastor, you could still be both blind and ignorant of what is coming because that preacher or pastor is not really in contact with God!

If he or she has not specifically said these things to you, and warned you about them, then HE (or SHE) is blind as well!  It becomes the case of the blind leading the blind.

God is speaking daily to those who actually listen to HIM and who are not blind – and the message that HE is sending to us daily is a message that commands us all to WAKE UP and to stop tolerating all of this!

All the Earthly “corporate systems” which are in support of the Luciferian Hierarchy and are being used by the Luciferian Hierarchy for control and enslavement MUST COME DOWN!

Just like the tower of Babel, these institutions must be removed and brought down to the ground so that new systems that are based in God, Truth, Honesty, Love, Morals, Ethics, and Virtue can be put up in their place.

Only this insures the survival of humanity.

Thank you for reading, thank you for watching and listening, and thank you for standing up for what God wants from us!

All my love.


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