This being said, it is clear to all who are watching the unfolding battle between the light and the dark that because the White Hats now understand how reality gets created (and they quite honestly have people like me and Love Truth Site to thank for bringing back to them this ancient knowledge) – they are now engaged in playing a long game of “5th Generational Warfare” in order to steer reality away from the New World Order and onto a very different trajectory than the one that was long planned for us by the Luciferians.

You see, this type of Science (Reality Creation) has been done in our most recent history only by the Illuminati and their Free-masonic and satanic leaning minions. 

It was being done through the use of a hidden (and highly esoteric) science that once was a huge part of the Ancient Mystery Schools, but was eventually “hi-jacked” and hidden away by a group of people who fancied themselves as “DARK MAGICIANS”.

They decided to rule over the entire world and to control everything through the use of this hidden ancient science.

Having re-discovered the “Science of Reality Creation” – which is one of the “Creation Sciences” that was once studied and employed in very Ancient times, the White Hat Military is now gaining the upper hand by using many hidden techniques and tactics to “CHANGE OUR WORLDS REALITY” and are now calling it 5th Generation Warfare in order to give it a fancy sounding name.

In a nutshell, 5th Generation Warfare is done by using the “Creative Minds and Hearts” of all of the human beings living here on Earth to help them to steer and create the kind or type of world (reality) that we all collectively are living in into a far, far better one! 

Those who want to create a dystopian reality (a.k.a. – A New World Order) are using the tactics of FEAR, DECEPTION, LYING, CONNING, and DESTROYING in order to get all of the people living on Earth to “AGREE” to their kind of highly controlled reality and submit to it willingly.

Those who want Freedom and Liberty for All are using the Internet and are becoming “Digital Soldiers” (and working hard behind the scenes) in order to help spread the TRUTH far and wide so as to get as many people as possible to AGREE to change their thinking and to stop following the Main Stream News Media and Global Elites down their path to a New World Order.

In this way, We the People can create a very different reality than the ones the Globalists want to create. 

However, in both cases, the reality that we (collectively) see being created all around us is one that WE COLLECTIVELY have pulled into manifestation as a result of our actions and our non-actions and therefore regardless of what appears to happen to us all, we have agreed to create that on a sub-conscious level.

No matter how you slice it – WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR OWN REALITY – here on the Earth!  (Either through knowledge or through Ignorance)

And if you don’t like what you are seeing happening around you – then you need only look into the mirror for a moment to see the one who needs to be BLAMED the very most.

I am sorry to have to be so frank and so honest about this my dear readers.  It is definitely not your fault that you do not know about this “Ancient Science” because it has been hidden from everyone for centuries! 

However, it IS YOUR FAULT if websites like Love Truth Site, and writers like myself are bringing back to you this Ancient knowledge (at great peril to my own life and my own freedom) and you do not stop watching CNN and MSNBC (who are totally in the bag for the New World Order) and start spending your valuable time here on Love Truth Site reading and learning (and growing) into the knowledge of how the world (and how reality) was HI-JACKED in the first place.

Thankfully, I am no longer the only one that saying this!  We now have (some) White Hats who are “PLAYING THE GAME / SHALL WE PLAY A GAME” and are doing it quite well.

Here are some of the things that the White Hats (and Anons) are posting on Telegram for the masses to consider!


The matrix is built upon the illusion of opposites; duality…varying degrees of Light. The very mind that you think with keeps you embedded in duality and deep within the matrix. The more a person relies on their mind (follow the “science”) the more real the matrix becomes, and the more duality, (diminishment of light and the increase in density) they will experience around them.

The less light they experience, the less discernment they will have, because their senses, their beliefs, their thoughts, and even their emotions are only a reflection of frequency, and in fact are all part of the Matrix…which is a diminishment of Light…and a lowering of their frequency to create the illusion of matter and a FAKE REALITY all around them.

Have you witnessed people reflecting word for word what they have observed with their senses on main stream media, and then repeating it back to everyone they meet as if it were the only true reality?

That’s how the matrix works against us all.

In the matrix you can be told, herded, coerced or persuaded into perceiving specific illusions so that you will invest your energy and your imagination into them in order to help make them real.

The case in point was Covid-19 [the common cold] which was turned into a huge scare event just to herd all people worldwide into the doctor so they could be given a kill shot, or a shot that would mind control them if they survived.

The architects of the matrix have predetermined specific story lines for you to create for them, continually tricking humanity to replay the same stories in cycles over and over and over again. 
To step out of the matrix, out of duality and illusion, we must exit the mind and pull our energy back; withdraw it from the outer world, which is a mirror or a reflection of the thoughts we are being fed by others who want us to help them create a certain “type” of reflection.

All thoughts we think from day to day are part of the matrix.

Consciousness is Source (God) while Light and Frequency are our vehicles (tools) to rise above the matrix. Pure light, pure unconditional love, pure divinity, pure consciousness exist as our spirit and our spirit exists within our hearts of love, (while we play in this density).

Spirit is the only true reality, but there are many FALSE realities that can seem very real if we choose to believe in them.  True reality does not exist outside of us in the way the matrix teaches.

When we live from the heart WITHOUT programmed thinking, we are then able to EXIT the matrix.
This is why the matrix is set up to break your heart, dim your light, block your ability to receive consciousness so that you will always remain trapped in the matrix, in order to be used as generators and food by the architects of the matrix…which may not be what/who you think it/they are/is.

How Duality Works:

We have all experienced the physics of duality. It’s like a pendulum, very much like the brain. We have a left brain of numbers and a right brain of music…for example, yet both are the same thing.

One is scientific and one is creative. One is thought and one is feeling. Both can be either positive or negative and they constantly change. 
In the matrix we are persuaded to move back and forth from left to right and right to left etc. Up and down, calm and chaotic, happy, sad. 

Fall in love, find fault, fall out of love, drama, pain, break up. Fall in love, find fault, judge, division, pain, separation, bigger drama. High high, low low, Magnificent happiness, crushing sadness.

You may have noticed, if the low is low enough…if you reach what feels like rock bottom and almost die, or die and are revived, YOU CHANGE. You can now see the matrix. You see the illusion that brought you to an epic never before imagined low. You see the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and illusions that made you hit an unprecedented experience of density and darkness, and you change.

Many people may have warned you. You may have read books about IT and seen movies about IT, but IT was not an EXPERIENCE yet, so you did not KNOW IT yet.

When we have an epic experience, we move out of the head and into the heart, (so long as you are human) and we are able to see the matrix much more clearly. When we see the matrix more clearly, we can see the way out.

We can now make different choices, we can revere our own life force and cherish loved ones even more, which brings us further into the heart and… less entrenched in the matrix.

The pendulum will swing widely back and forth, back and forth until we become BRIGHTenough to step out of the matrix and live in peace… in our heart of love, without duality.

Right now we are swinging hard into revolutionary darkness and density for everyone to see the matrix clearly and hopefully move into their heart. This will be an unprecedented swing, capable of moving any living consciousness back into the heart in an extraordinarily profound way.
This is our chance to exit duality; to exit the mind matrix of pain and pleasure altogether and to ascend.
As we dip into darkness and pain, remember, the rainbow is in the making, but this time the rainbow will be inside. You won’t find it outside ever again. You will have to begin to remember who you are and what you are capable of to remain free from the matrix. You will have to remember YOU are the CREATOR.

When you are inside the matrix, the matrix tricks you into creating what IT wants, which is you as a slave, working day and night to pay your own captors so that they can afford to poison, torture, and trick you even more and to bleed your soul essence into their capture cups to drink your light for breakfast until there is nothing left of you.

To exit the matrix, enter into your heart where the REAL YOU still exists; the all powerful Source of all creation; the Light of existence that knows everything, sees everything, is capable of anything and has absolute free will. You will only find that inside, so the matrix is set up to keep you looking outside at the FALSE REALITY.  It will condemn you as lazy, looney, arrogant, selfish, outcast, canceled, racist and strange if you move into your own heart and go against it’s wishes.

Break the matrix by moving your consciousness inside of your spirit, inside your heart and remember who you are. That is the place to go when the world falls into darkness and all hope appears lost.  
Go within and suddenly the light will be everywhere and you will know exactly what to do. You will have no fear, only excitement for your new adventure as the CREATOR of your next experience, which could be in the body you are in now, or in another world in another body. No limitations!

Whatever excites your LIGHT the most.

This is the cataclysmic finale of the matrix. It will soon short circuit, explode, be fully exposed and finally die. But those who remain in the mind of illusion can (and may even try to) re-create some version of the Matrix, yet YOU have the choice NOT to be part of that world any longer.

It is and always has been your choice and always will be. You are free right now and forever…to choose.


Finally, let’s listen to a 40 minute video from Juan O. Savin and Nino who are part of the team that wants to bring about a NEW REALITY (one that is not the New World Order).

All my love


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