By: Bradley Loves


The problem with World Government is the EXTREME SICKNESS of the very people who want to run the world!


Make NO mistake about it…, they are sick, diseased, and out of touch humans…, who need a “holiday” in a padded cell while wearing a “straight jacket”!

Not only “dangerous” to the world…, these men and women are “dangerous” to themselves!

Angela Merkel…, the “Fairy Godmother” of rampant IMMIGRATION…, who for years FORCED all of Germany (and the rest of the EU) to take in millions upon millions of IMMIGRANTS…, at a cost that can barely be quantified…, is now saying she will PAY THESE SAME IMMIGRANTS TO GO BACK HOME!

She and her cronies have “threatened” and “intimidated” many other EU countries like Poland and Hungary in countless ways, telling them they MUST open their borders to millions of immigrants (OR ELSE) – only to now turn on a dime and start sending HER OWN MIGRANTS back to their countries of origin with a huge paycheck for their trouble!


Is there anyone still sane in the entire world…, who does not see that this “woman” is completely out of her MIND???

Yet…, how much do you want to “bet” that THIS is the same type of human being, (term used loosely) that the POPE, in all of his frothy and drooling punditry, would have as the HEAD of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT if he had a choice?

And WHERE (pray tell) are the GERMAN PEOPLE who can still think clearly??

“Sind deine kopfe mit Steinen gefullt??  Sie Zahlen dafur!”  Ich liebe Deutchland aber Merkel muss Gehen!!”


The truth is that every man, woman and child is going to have to take matters into their OWN HANDS and come to grips with the truth that their leaders are completely INSANE!

Once this happens…, only THEN will the world experience peace of the kind that lasts.   As long as there are “figures of authority” who others give power to…, those figures of authority will use and abuse that authority FOR THEIR OWN GAIN AND ENRICHMENT every single time!

The NEW WORLD ORDER is a pipe dream that can never be possible because who ever is put IN CHARGE would have to be a SAINT of the quality and caliber of Jesus Christ himself…, and NO…, the POPE does not qualify!

He is closer to Satan than to Jesus!

Since WORLD GOVERNMENT is not possible…, the only answer is LOCAL Government on a local level (towns and cities)…, where the people rule over themselves – and they can HOLD ACCOUNTABLE their leaders if they get out of hand!

Nuff said…..






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