By: Bradley Loves


In the last few days, a  SEEMING WAR on the police has begun!  It is my opinion that at last…, the final MAGIC ACT…, has begun!

The Magicians who want the NEW WORLD ORDER, have a “tool” up their sleeve that very few people recognize or understand…, and that is called: MIND CONTROL!

MK ULTRA techniques…, coupled with implants, drugs, and very advanced frequency and wave technology…, can turn almost anyone into a killer!

RARE is the killing any more that happens without the aid of the “puppet masters” behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Before the NEW WORLD ORDER can happen…, the POLICE…, need to be willing to kill anyone…, at anytime…, on the spot!  This means all Americans…, men, women and children!

So, in order to get this to happen…, the “MAGICIANS” (aka puppet masters) start using very advanced MIND CONTROL tactics to first make it SEEM as if the POLICE are under attack from every corner of America!

Here is what I’m talking about:

Not just Dallas: Attacks in three states target cops for two days in row


This serves to get the POLICE really anxious, riled up, and fearful of ordinary people…, who have NOW BECOME THE ENEMY!

This is a perfect example of the rolling out of a “Hegelian Dialectic” (Problem-Reaction-Solution) as well as a Divide and Conquer tactic.

The more the POLICE feel that they are under “attack” the more they will get whipped up into a KILLING FRENZY themselves.

I don’t need to remind you that this is exactly what the puppet masters want!

They want the police…, to start killing people for them!  And…, soon, they will be needing the police to start “rounding” people up and putting them in camps!

In order for that to occur…, a whole bunch of police need to be sacrificed, so that the police will have no CARE or CONCERN for any human being, because they are all enemies!  Needless to say…, those in support of the New World Order…, don’t care in the smallest amount about the POLICE, or the ordinary people they consider to be their slaves.

Just as in the movie the Wizard of Oz…, there is always…, always…, always…, a “Man behind the Curtain”.  And the best way to start a conflict is to “pit” two opposing sides against each other.

In fact…, they have done this OVER AND OVER AND OVER throughout history.

The trouble here is that most normal human beings can’t think on this level of EVIL!  I’m really sorry to have to say it my brothers and sisters…, but  you are really too naive’!  You just can’t bring yourselves to think these men in business suits could plan a WAR and pit two sides against each other and then watch in delight.


  1. You don’t understand EVIL
  2. You deny that EVIL exists
  3. You want to think everyone has a loving heart

This is why though out history, this tactic has been able to be used again, and again, and again!  It is because HUMANITY never learns this lesson!  It is a horrible flaw in man’s design…, and that flaw is to under estimate EVIL and DARKNESS, or worse, to pretend there is no such thing!

(Are you getting this New Ager’s?)

I’m sorry to have to say that humanity still has not learned this lesson.  You’re still thinking that somehow you can “negotiate” with the CABAL…, or “reason” with them, which will NEVER HAPPEN.

This is a battle where either “they all die”, or…, the “rest of the world dies”!

There is no negotiating…, because darkness and evil does not share power!

Trust me…, they have been preparing for this for a very long time…, and MIND CONTROL…, and “programmed killers” is only the tip of the iceberg of what they will roll out.


It’s all a MAGIC SHOW…, it’s smoke and mirrors!  The only people who need to go down…, are those in charge of the NEW WORLD ORDER!   This is the enemy of both sides.


Things are never what they seem.  And, if ordinary people would only be willing to do more study on these things…., they would see just how easy it is to get a so called normal person to “flip like a switch”…, and suddenly out of nowhere…. just start killing!

And don’t think for a second that specific “targets” can’t be chosen or programmed into the killer.

This is why…, these things are NOT RANDOM!  They are presented to us as Random…, and out of the blue!

THAT IS THE MAGIC!  THAT IS THE SHOW!  THAT IS THE BAIT AND SWITCH…, that is all being presented to you in order to get you to do only one thing…, BELIEVE!





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