By: Bradley Loves


The world wide Chem-trail apparatus is probably the largest and most expensive endeavor in all of history!   If one only puts their attention for a few hours on this level of logistics…, the sheer number of planes necessary to Chem-trail the entire planet would have to be staggering!

The cost of the chemicals laced with advanced nano-tech would also have to be staggering beyond imagination!   Trillions of dollars per year would probably not cover the world wide effort!

And yet…, it continues without stopping, on a daily basis…, everywhere in the world.

There is no logical, moral, or even crazy reason that such a world wide endeavor would be undertaken by reasonable men and women except that they literally hate the world and hate all of mankind.

If you don’t think they hate mankind…, then why have they ENSLAVED THEM using the all caps name?  Why have they hidden our history?  Why are they dumbing us down?  Why are they vaccinating everyone and causing autism in innocent children.

You see…, it’s so easy to make excuses for people that you don’t understand.  And, it’s even easier to make excuses for people who have kept everything that has ever happened in the history of the world a SECRET from you.

These men and women loath the life that GOD has created…, and have chosen the “easy” route!  They have chosen to SELL OUT and become one of the fallen ones.

Still…, they are terrified of YOU!   They are terrified of YOU because there are way more of you than there are of them!  They are terrified of YOU because they can’t seem to get the guns away from Americans.

Most of all…, they are terrified of you because there is STILL TIME.  The is still time to take a stand…, and to put a stop to their Luciferian, NWO Agenda.

And so…, putting the Nano-tech in the air…, is their hedge against time.  Because the Nano-tech was in the “air”…, and we breathed it in…, it is now inside our bodies!

It is in our muscles…, our organs, and our brains.   The cell towers and Gwen towers all over the Earth and the Satilite systems in orbit can send broadcast waves across the planet…, and every human being (whether they are feeling affected or not) can now tune in and pick them up, because the Nano-tech acts like a receiver for the broadcasts.

Those men and women who pose a “PROBLEM” to the NWO, can be individually targeted and experience all sorts of body pains…, mental stress, and health related issues.

However…, the MAIN EFFECT is an inhibiting of the MIND!

I have written many articles in the last few years…, and I have maintained that there are MANY, MANY things that can and will be forgiven!  PRIME CREATOR does want forgiveness to take place.

However…, there is ONE CRIME…, and ONE CRIME alone, that is beyond all redemption…, and that crime is MIND CONTROL.

It is the very epitome of evil…, and that is why those who choose SATAN…, or Lucifer immediately go for the darkest evil, and try to do the most offensive thing to GOD they can think of.

MIND CONTROL is a direct attack on PRIME CREATORS gift of FREEWILL to his creation.

You see…, on this Holographic Planet…, if there even is such a thing as a learning environment going on here…, taking away another persons ability to choose for him or herself, while they are here…., removes the very reason for coming.

It nullifies and voids all pure “testing” situations and scenarios…, and attempts to stack the deck into a “I ALWAYS WIN” condition for the DARK FORCES.

Think of the battle happening between light and dark as a simple game of chess.

However…, in this game or battle…, the dark sees that it really can’t win IF everyone is allowed to keep their FREEWILL choice.  Terrified of losing (fairly)…, the dark not only cheats…, but it cheats in a way that makes the game MEANINGLESS.

Why do they do this?

Because they have found that given a fair choice…, most men and women want to choose to do good!  It is only a small handful who are totally beyond all hope.  Sadly THEY are the ones in charge.

And so, desperate to WIN AT ALL COSTS…, they REMOVE free choice out of the equation by instigating MIND CONTROL through a technological means where a human being has no choice but to breath in the technology by putting it into the air.

These men and women are not just cowards!  They are pit of the entire Universe…, and the very scum that will be scraped off for all time.  They are the fecal matter destined to be flushed into the great sewer system of the cosmos.

GOD is not amused!  This is his RULE that is being broken!  FREEWILL is PRIME CREATOR’S GIFT.

There are literally hundreds of videos and articles on this subject.., and to post them all would take pages!  So, I’m not going to add evidence that you can most certainly find for yourself, if you look.  You can start with Dr. John Hall.

I will just end by saying this:  If EVEN ONE MAN…, holds bound…, the crime of mind control against all of the countless men and women perpetrating massive MIND CONTROL campaign upon the world…, then OUR FATHER, PRIME CREATOR will also hold it BOUND as well!


The crimes you have committed against GOD and the entire world are reaching the proportions of epic!  And the secrecy you maintain while doing it all…, is a cosmic level crime.  You may want to “re-think” your strategy!  I promise you…, if you don’t…, you’ll wish you had.

I wouldn’t want to be you after you leave this Earth!   And, for those of you who doubt…


There is a GOD!  There are consequences for everything you do here!

The “goals” and “ends” do NOT justify the means!!  (EVER)



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