By: Bradley Loves

When it comes to sickness and disease – JUST SAY NO!


This is always good advice, and can never be said enough!    You might have noticed that even though I write almost daily, I have not yet written a single thing about the Coronavirus.  Go back and look!

This is due to the fact that I know very little about this virus or how it is actually being transmitted or manifesting.   Naturally, everyone has an opinion.  There is the “official story” – “non-official stories” – “alternative theories” – “strange theories” and many others – all of which need to be looked into deeply.

Instead of focusing on the virus – what I do know a little bit about is the human body and how (in practice) any man or woman that is “intimately” connected with their mind and body can TRANSMUTE almost anything.

Ultimately EVERYTHING boils down to a frequency – even something like a virus.

If the Coronavirus contains a pathogen – or multiple encodings that are detrimental to human health – then MIND OVER MATTER is, and has always been, the best way to challenge these foreign elements entering into your bodies many systems.

FEAR – produces countless detrimental hormones inside of your bodies systems and holding onto fear will only exacerbate human immune systems, NOT HELP THEM.

So again, no matter what is happening, and no matter how bad it seems…, the main thing is NOT TO PANIC.   Use the power of your mind to focus on your body and all of it’s systems and TELL YOUR BODY TO HEAL ITSELF!

Command it to do so!

Whatever trouble your body may be in – use the Heavenly Spiritual Forces and begin “TRANSMUTING” the negative elements into harmless elements.   There is absolutely nothing that the POWER OF GOD can not do, heal, or transform IF your faith in HIS power (the power of spirit) is strong enough.

Walk confidently in the knowing and in the knowledge that regardless of the symptoms or the effects that you might experience – YOUR MIND (with GODS HELP) – is strong enough to defeat anything!



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