The entirety of our “managed corporate system” has to collapse!    Sadly – there is no other way!

All of the people who are “praying” that everything will soon go back to the way it was – are gonna be extremely disappointed!  That will NEVER – EVER – be allowed to happen.  So get used to the idea!

Neither side in the Time Travel War want that – so it will NOT be allowed to happen.  We have come to “end” of the school year – and everyone has to graduate (one way or the other). 

You either move forward or you go back a grade!


There are only two ways out of where we are currently at:

1) The positive Time-line with the Star Trek Future…

2) The negative Time-line with total Global human Enslavement….

These are the only two choices for you here – and there is no “middle ground” where we all just go back to sitting on the couch and watching TV. 

Sorry folks – you SHOULD have woken up a bit sooner cuz it’s now GRADUATION DAY.

We collectively have to make the choice as to which future we want to see – and both sides are battling heavily for our “vote” and our “attention”.  Neither side can really choose for us – but the dark is actually trying to FORCE it’s option by mandate and through dictate. 

You can actually SEE it taking place in real time.  If you go along with their mandates and dictates – you are voting for the Negative Time Line and Global Human Enslavement.


In order to “build” an entirely new “system” – whether light or dark – the old one which no longer serves its purpose and is built upon a hidden corporate human slavery – must be destroyed.

From the horrors of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE con, to the Corporate Fictional Governments, to the Monetary and Banking System, to the Educational System, to the Medical System, to the Energy System, to the Court and Legal Systems, and every other SYSTEM that is interconnected into a deeply SATANIC CONTROL system – it all has to GO!

Now BOTH SIDES have a plan to rebuild! 

The dark side calls its plan BUILD BACK BETTER!  Which is total human slavery – controlled by A.I. with NO CHOICE and NO FREEWILL for anyone.  Their plan is to use the constant JABS to mind control every single man, woman, and child by controlling their very thoughts through DNA changing Nano technology.

The good side wants FREEDOM and FREEWILL to continue – and a high technology Star Trek Future for the Earth where we all have a proper vote and get along with everyone else.  They are planning to rebuild our world’s SYSTEMS based upon these ideals.

However both sides require that what we’ve got now – BE DESTROYED.  Sorry folks – that’s just the way it is.  We are NEVER going back to the way it was before Covid.

Every BUILDER knows that in order to build something new upon an already owned property – whatever is there must be removed first!

You can not build a brand new hotel on property that already has a very old hotel sitting on it.  The old hotel must come down first.

So, guess what you are going to see happening over the next year or two??  The DESTRUCTION of everything you once knew as NORMAL. 

The sad part of this is that if people had only WOKEN UP sooner (like I stated above) they would have seen and learned what the system that we are living under really and truly is – and they would be APPLAUDING it’s destruction – NOT PRAYING FOR IT TO RETURN.

Because so few people actually woke up – and so few people used their free-will to talk to their family members and to really try to get them to grasp what was going on out there – countless people are now desperately praying for the world to just go back to the way it was BEFORE COVID.

Sorry folks – that is not part of the plan – LIGHT OR DARK.

The “School Year” is over.  It’s time to take the final test and find out what you’ve learned.  You do not get to repeat the same old lessons over and over again.  You either studied and “got it” – or you paid no attention to what was going on around you, preferring to “sleep walk” through your life – and this is why you have no clue what is on the final test – and are now begging for MORE time to learn your lessons.


Do you want Choice A = The positive Time-Line with Freedom and the Star Trek Future?


Do you want Choice B = The negative Time-Line with Global Enslavement of Human Minds into a Computer/Mind Control System where there is NO FREEWILL?

There are only TWO choices on the test here – not five or six. 

And “going back” to the way it was – is NOT one of your choices.

Now, if you are “angry” about this – you have no one to be mad at but yourself!  There have been “those pesky conspiracy theorists” talking at you and begging you to listen to them FOR DECADES – and trying to get you out of bed and to wake up!

You felt – if you are one of those people – that it was more “convenient” for your life – if you just did not pay any attention to them.  That was your freewill choice.  However – now that the School Year is over – don’t get mad that you did not learn anything.

LUCKILY – this very blog – LOVE TRUTH SITE – has all of the lessons that you need to study and that you unfortunately missed (if you are still uncertain) so that you can make an educated choice. 

Start with these:




And then move on from there!

Happy Reading – and Congratulations that the School Year is now over. 

Your FINAL TEST is waiting –  for you must CHOOSE which cup of reality that you want to drink from – just remember to choose wisely!






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