Step by step and inch by inch the people of America (and the entire world) are going to find out that everything they have ever been told is a lie.

This massive reveal (a great revelation indeed) will be coming in the many months ahead.

The Great Awakening has been very aptly named because when this time period is finally over and done with, even the most ardent patriot will have to admit that they could not see this kind of thing coming and that honestly and truly they were in fact ASLEEP to all of it.



People are going to find out that the people they trusted the most, and the ones they idolized the most, and the ones they loved to follow and quote as authoritative sources for reliable information were actually some of the most EVIL people on Earth.

They are going to find out that these people who everyone believed to know what was in their best interest was LYING to them for gain, profit, and a hidden agenda.

They are going to find:

  • That doctors deliberately don’t heal people and that the whole goal of the modern Medical Profession is to keep you sick so they can prescribe expensive drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • That Bankers and Banks are committing FRAUD world wide on a grand scale to steal and pillage your hard earned money for their own gain and their own benefit.
  • That Members of the Government, Ministers, Governors, and countless other County, State, and Federal Employees are working directly against you in order to control you in ways that you can barely imagine.
  • That the American Educational System is withholding truthful information and has been deliberately lying to your children so they will be more easily controlled as adults.
  • That the Courts and the Justice System deliberately do not hand out justice, but instead work as FOR-PROFIT Corporations in order to serve the rich, the elite, and those who want a New World Order.
  • That Attorney’s and Lawyers have sworn oaths to Temple Bar in London and work against their own clients by selling them into a FOREIGN JURISDICTION just so they can then be raped by the courts and held accountable to codes and statutes they would otherwise NEVER have to follow.
  • That Corporations have been adding poisons to countless household products that you buy in order to break down your immune system and to slowly kill you for decades.
  • That Rules, Codes, Statutes, and Laws are only there for the little people and that the elites and all officials in government have broken every single law ever written and the most criminal of them NEVER go to jail.
  • That Hollywood works with the Dark/Satanic Side and most actors have sworn oaths to Lucifer (for money) to mind control and to damage the rest of humanity with their craft.
  • That the Music Industry also works with the Dark/Satanic Side as well and many singers and rappers have sworn oaths to Lucifer (for money) to mind control and damage the rest of humanity with their craft.
  • That most day time television personalities are bought off and bribed to tell lies to the people that watch them.
  • That most of the Main Stream Media is bought off and bribed to tell lies to the people that watch them.
  • That most Late Night Television Talk Show personalities are bought off and bribed to tell lies to the people that watch them.
  • That the television itself was designed as a mind control device and was only developed in order to control you (which is why everything that you’ve ever watched is called a PROGRAM).
  • That many scientists world wide have been working on technology, medicine, and machines that will kill or control humanity in many different ways – and have never said a single thing to the public who will most certainly be harmed and damaged by what they are doing.
  • That Corporations have slowly been buying up everything and merging so that they can write the laws which everyone must follow and take away the peoples voice in what happens to them or their countries.
  • That the History of the entire world has been hidden and re-written so that who we are and what really happened in the past is only known to a few.
  • That the Catholic Church was in on all of the massive crimes and lies that were told to everyone including the hiding of Earth’s true history.
  • That many Christian Religions were also in on keeping  huge secrets from the people of the world by going along with the Status Quo.
  • That the New Age Religion that everyone thought was so wonderful was created and kept going by Satanists and Luciferians and was created to get everyone to stand down and just accept the New World Order.
  • That many pastors, clergy, CEO’s, Judges, Lawyers, and even hospital workers world wide sold out for money and got involved in child trafficking because the money was so good.
  • That many Government Officials, Police, Law Enforcement, Agents, and Agencies also sold out and got involved in child trafficking as well because the money was so good.
  • That all Cell Phone and Computer manufacturers knew that the devices they were selling to you had governmental back doors and that your phones and computers would in fact spy on you and collect all of your data (but did not tell you this)
  • That all Telecom Corporations knew that the government was spying on you through your phones and computers, and Wi-fi, but did not tell you about this and instead aided and abetted the illegal collection of your data and the surveillance against you.
  • That all Social Media Platforms were created and funded by 3 Letter Agencies to spy on you, collect your data, and then use it against you in any way they wished.
  • That the people who you trusted the very most were the biggest criminals, and the ones whom you made fun of daily, ridiculed, and called “conspiracy theorists” were only trying to help you and were actually really good people.


And this is just the very beginning of it all – this is merely the tip of the ice-berg! 

Far MORE than what is above is going to come out in the months and few years ahead.

These Great Revelations will leave you speechless as you come to find that anything and everything you thought was good and accurate – was instead put there to deliberately deceive you and make you think you were living in a normal world, when the world was anything but normal.

You will find that many of the facts and issues that you would never listen to in a million years (being told to you by well meaning friends) were actually true – very accurate – and that they were only trying to help you to wake up and see it all more clearly.

You will find that if you were one of the people that loved to mock, ridicule, and make fun of these people who were trying to tell you these things, then perhaps you were the one who wasn’t seeing things correctly and you may have to eat humble pie and apologize to all of them (especially if you were vicious in your criticism of them).


Prepare yourself and your family mentally and emotionally for the rug to be pulled out from under you in the near future and to find out that every single thing you thought to be real and true – was simply an INVERSION of the truth.


Thank you for reading at Love Truth Site.

All my love


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