By: Bradley Loves


Every living human being in the United States has a “Master File” attached to their NAME.

According to that “Master File”…, (a file that you’ve never seen)…, YOU are a CRIMINAL.

All of your “crimes”…, are listed on that file.

Even little babies…, just a few months old…, ARE CRIMINALS…., and are labeled as such on their Master Files.


Remember that the ALL CAPS NAME.., is a Fictional Corporation…, created by the STATE.  It is therefore a “Company” that is able to do “BUSINESS”.

The fact that a “newly formed corporation” has the very same name as a tiny baby…, does not mean that it is not “open for business” on day one for those BANKS who are managing that “fund”.

In order to “taint” the ALL CAPS NAME of “JOHNNY NEWBORN” as soon as possible…, “money” from the “funds” of the Corporation called:  “JOHNNY NEWBORN” will be used to commit some sort of “legal” crime!

The three most common crimes attributed to infants that are less than one year old are:

  • Drug Smuggling
  • Gun Running
  • Human Sex Trafficking

Naturally…, the little baby has NOTHING to do with these crimes…, BUT…, the “Fictional Paper Corporation” that is based upon the BOND…, (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) of that baby…, is being used to “Fund” these types of International Crimes!

And..,  the very moment this has been done…, the proper Government Agency who keeps track of the MASTER FILE (yes there is one) records that:  JOHNNY NEWBORN has committed these crimes, and is now listed as a “criminal” in the Master File.

Remember that JOHHNY NEWBORN is simply a paper corporation…, and has very little to do with the tiny child yet!

BUT…, very soon…, the child gets a Social Security Card with the name JOHNNY NEWBORN printed on it.  Then it goes to Elementary School…, and the name written into School records is:


Do you see how very quickly…., the “Government” and all of it’s SATANIC SYSTEMS are trying to associate an innocent child with a NAME that already is on file as having commited CRIMES?

This is the absolute TRUTH…, and I know people personally who have gone to the correct agency…, and after filling out certain paperwork…, were sent copies of their: MASTER FILE.

They were appalled to see all of CRIMES listed under their ALL CAPS NAME…., that they were supposed to have committed.


So what is going on here?

This is a continuation of what was written in the earlier piece.

It’s all about DARK MAGIC!

They are connecting you…, a real living being…, with a FICTION…, that is a CRIMINAL FROM DAY ONE.

And the very moment that you (unknowingly) claim to be THAT FICTION…, every single evil thing they can think of doing to you…, is NOW OPEN FOR GRABS…, because you took the bait.

Prime Creator gave you FREEWILL!

No man is allowed to take that freewill away from you…, UNLESS you give it away freely!

The way this is being done (ON EARTH AT THIS TIME) is through the pen and the paper!


Once you…, or your parents…, SIGN a government FORM…, that is a type (or a form) of CONTRACT, you freely give up your freewill!

Why do you think they “call it” a FORM??

Hello …, Mcfly…. (Invisible hand knocks reader on the head…)

They call it a “form”…, because it is a “form of contract”.

So every “form” that you are filling out and then signing…, are “Forms of Contract”  where you’ve just given away FREEWILL…, through the use of pen and paper!

So their “claim” is that you’ve done this to yourself,   “willingly”.




Well…, I was told I had do….


You never really have to sign a form.., or participate in ANYTHING that you do not want to…, and they KNOW THIS.


The entire education “system” teaches children only ONE SINGLE THING…, and that is to “obey all authority figures” without question!

Just do as we tell you to do…..

That is the long and the short of the entire education of young children.   This is why “Critical Thinking” is NEVER taught in schools.

Independant thinking is not only not encouraged…, but discouraged and even punished.

So now…, when a young adult goes out into the world and wants to engage with it…, he immediately does (without thinking) what he is told to do…, and FILLS OUT ALL FORMS HE IS GIVEN.


He should have refused to fill out these “forms”.

Which by the way…, are the “records” of his  surrendering and the giving up his FREEWILL.

Is this EVIL?  You bet it is…, and let me say this:


One of my readers (who has done this) has the name of the Government Agency of where to go to get your own copy of your MASTER FILE.

After posting this…, I am certain “he” will make a comment about the proper agency…, and I will then pass that information on to you.

All my love…



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