The measure of a day…, is the measure of pure love.  In that day, each moment is a choice, and an opportunity!  Will you love, or will you fear?

Yet…, there is skulduggery afoot.  To choose to ignore the pain and suffering happening all around you is NOT a choice for love, but a  choice for apathy, and callousness.

Simply because you do not choose to react violently to those who are doing  violence does NOT mean you are being loving.

Love has many virtues and meanings:

  1. Love is kind
  2. Love is caring and nurturing
  3. Love is aware of what is happening all around
  4. Love is patient
  5. Love is fearless
  6. Love is courageous
  7. Love speaks out for TRUTH
  8. Love does not look away from suffering
  9. Love takes appropriate action in the very moment that action is needed.
  10. Love does not shy away from responsibility
  11. Love is never greedy and shares willingly.
  12. Love DOES judge and discern appropriately in all moments and in all things.
  13. Love is fearlessly aware…, consciously thinking…, and courageously being…., in every moment that exists…, a warrior for pure wisdom, truth, and CARE.
  14. Love is perfection in action!

My friends…, think on these things!

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