The Meaning of Pure Love

The measure of a day…, is the measure of pure love.  In that day, each moment is a choice, and an opportunity!  Will you love, or will you fear?

Yet…, there is skulduggery afoot.  To choose to ignore the pain and suffering happening all around you is NOT a choice for love, but a  choice for apathy, and callousness.

Simply because you do not choose to react violently to those who are doing  violence does NOT mean you are being loving.

Love has many virtues and meanings:

  1. Love is kind
  2. Love is caring and nurturing
  3. Love is aware of what is happening all around
  4. Love is patient
  5. Love is fearless
  6. Love is courageous
  7. Love speaks out for TRUTH
  8. Love does not look away from suffering
  9. Love takes appropriate action in the very moment that action is needed.
  10. Love does not shy away from responsibility
  11. Love is never greedy and shares willingly.
  12. Love DOES judge and discern appropriately in all moments and in all things.
  13. Love is fearlessly aware…, consciously thinking…, and courageously being…., in every moment that exists…, a warrior for pure wisdom, truth, and CARE.
  14. Love is perfection in action!

My friends…, think on these things!

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  1. hehhhhh…………………
    sorry to disagree.
    Unconditional love is a FREQUENCY.
    A state of Beingness.
    It is above all your description.
    It cannot be described, it defies logic.
    It sees and understands 360 degrees, like a shining sun.
    When you are immersed in this frequency, you are no longer human.
    How you understand and feel about human suffering,for example, changes.
    the human mind cannot relate to it.
    Better you allow this frequency in your body.,,because…words can’t describe it.

    by the way……… is said that this frequency, which is also called essence, is who we really are.
    and that who we are here, attempting to describe it….is nothing but an illusory,created self.


    • Thank you for this!

      I can agree that Love is “ALSO” a frequency!

      But to say that LOVE is ONLY a frequency and nothing more…, is once again to put LOVE into a box…, and up on such a high pedestal…, that NO ONE can attain it in real terms.

      I tried to describe in real terms what LOVE would do (IN ACTION) while living here on EARTH! I’m sorry that you were not open enough to my interpretation to read between the lines and to look deeply into what I said.

      It seems that you were ONLY looking to find fault with what I wrote, and to correct my paper as if it were a spelling test.

      That’s okay…, perhaps it is where you are at!

      The purpose of the article is/was to show that the (frequency) of LOVE “drives” us to certain behavior patterns and makes us not only more complete human beings…, but then becomes the perfection of our experience here in the physical!

      What YOU are talking about is some experience that one might get in a very high meditation or a completely dis-associated OUT OF BODY experience!

      Can you “honestly” tell me that this is ALL YOU SEEK in terms of LOVE? A great “ESCAPE” from the world into a feeling where only “YOU” are experiencing a subjective blissful state which has NOTHING to do with anyone else?

      Are you then trying to tell me that THAT state is TRUE LOVE, and NOT what I would do for someone else as a result of the experience of that FREQUENCY?

      I forgive you for that…, thank you for your input…, and please see me when you get into JUNIOR HIGH!


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