By: Bradley Loves


The MIND is the “key”

The MIND is the gateway to YOUR POWER…


If it is important to take care of your body…, then, how much MORE IMPORTANT would it be for you to take care of your mind?

If your body is a “vehicle” so that “you” (the real you) may move around in this 3rd Dimensional environment…, then WHAT pray tell is actually “riding” inside of that vehicle?      What is the vehicle for?

Is it logical to take CARE of the body…, and then ignore the MIND?



As we look around in our world…, and take an honest assessment of our daily reality…, you will find that from morning till evening…, from the very second you get out of bed…, until you get back into bed…, there is an ENDLESS “circus parade” of distractions that are desperately trying to PULL at your MIND.

Almost without exception…, these “distractions” have been placed into the “reality” (or what you believe is reality) by someone else…, for a purpose.

That purpose is to STEER…, and direct YOUR MIND.

Those who are the “controllers” of this reality…, KNOW very well indeed that YOU are a powerful being!

They know that the real POWER is resting dormant inside your MIND, just waiting to be activated.  “THEY” don’t want that!  Therefore…, they have done everything in their power to place the “circus of distractions” directly in front of you…, hoping that you would be so “amazed” and so “enthralled” (just like a little child at the circus) that you will totally forget about the possibilities of using your MIND for you own benefit!

99 % of everything that you are “spoon fed” on the daily news (masquerading as “truths”) are in fact “distractions”…, usually “staged”…, and almost always done with the purpose of “steering your mind” away from using it for YOUR BENEFIT.

I can’t say it any more clearly!

Even if I wanted to outline what is happening with MORE CLARITY…, I don’t think I could!

99 % of everything that you are “spoon fed” on the daily news (masquerading as “truths”) are in fact “distractions”…, usually “staged”…, and almost always done with the purpose of “steering your mind” away from using it for YOUR BENEFIT.

All TV “programs” are nothing more than suggestive MIND CONTROL “delivery devices”…, (and believe it or not…, they are actually called PROGRAMS  right to your face)…, so that the desired MIND CONTROL effect will be “delivered” to your awareness.

Just like certain “internal” documents which were gotten from the Criminal Tobacco Companies own laboratories clearly stated…,

…the cigarette is nothing more than a Nicotine Delivery Device…


In the same way…, the television (TELL – A – VISION) is nothing more than a MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING “delivery device”.   And…, you can bet your life…, that “they” know that!

If…, you can not see this as the FACT that it is…, then you are “lost” (or blind).

Sorry to have be so brutally honest here, but if I don’t say it…, then who will?!

I stopped watching television long ago…, and now…, if I’m at coffee shop…, and the TV News is on in the background…, I find that the “nasal sound” of the paid talking heads actually “grates” on my MIND!

It “grates” because there is absolutely NO TRUTH in their words.

I either leave…, or turn the sound off!

The lies…, and the propaganda spilling out of their mouths is actually OFFENSIVE to me. They read off of the “teleprompter”…, brainlessly…, without even thinking or questioning IF the vomit they are spewing is real or TRUE.

These sick men and women have “LOST” their minds.

Let me be clear here, so that you understand why I write my words so emphatically.

“Steering” another persons MIND so that they come to a predetermined conclusion about reality…, is MIND CONTROL.




The MIND is the “key”

The MIND is the gateway to YOUR POWER…

This article here, laid it out for you…, and I suggest re-reading what YOUR MIND is capable of doing…, if it is NOT under someone else’s control!

I pray that you will re-read it…, and think about it.

If you still hang onto the idea that the “government” or all of those people on television would never “lie” to us…, then forgive me for saying this…, but YOU…, are locked into a five year old “Mommy and Daddy” will take care of me Complex…, even if you are a full grown adult.

You see the “government” and all of those people in “positions” of Authority as Parental Figures who are taking care of YOU!

You are now at the CIRCUS…, and your “awe” of all of the rides and the flashy colors and sounds have DISTRACTED you from reality!

Maybe…, this is what you want!  If so…, then I can not stop you!  Please have fun!  But…, realize that at some time…, you are “required” to PAY for all of your fun at the circus!  THERE IS ALWAYS A COST!

Cost/Consequence…, is what you will have to “pay” for all of the fun distractions at the CIRCUS…, which you think are so cool…, and so enthralling…, that you don’t want to leave…, or “wake up”.

Once again…, the choice is YOURS!

Do you wake up…, to the POWER of your own MIND.  Or…, do you continue to move through life on an ENDLESS vacation at the CIRCUS, where you do NO THINKING of your own…, and simply allow all of the colorful “distractions” to occupy your time?

Choice is REQUIRED!  And so is the WORK…, required to sort out truth from fiction!   This work you must do on your own…, at every moment…, and people like myself are (at best) only guides along the way.

My recommendations for finding TRUTH are very different from most New Agers…, since I will NEVER recommend a Channeler…, a Channeled Entity…, a Certain Channeled Ascended Master…, or any “ET” group as “helpful” guides!

The people I recommend are REAL PEOPLE…, living here on Earth…, in the HERE and the NOW!

They (as people) are no better than you…, and simply more awake at this point!

  1. David Icke
  2. Mark Passio
  3. Jay Parker
  4. Micheal Tsarion


There is some “channeled material” which can be of interest to read…, BUT CAN NOT BE TAKEN AS GOSPEL TRUTH!

This material should be read with the idea that MUCH of it is most likely NOT TRUE…, even though a “portion” of it is true.

Some of the material I am talking about (things which I myself have both read AND studied…,) so that I know what I am talking about are:



I have also read literally thousands of Spiritual Books like:

  • The Vedas
  • The Upanishads
  • The Srimad Bhagavatam
  • The Mahabharata
  • The Ramayana
  • The Hebrew Torah
  • The Gospel According to Thomas
  • The Holy Bible

Writings of Masters like:

  • Yogananda
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Sri Yukteswar
  • And others

The point here to understand and realize is this.  None of these “books” is a replacement for GOD REALIZATION!

They are sign posts and nothing more!   Much of these things have been written and re-written…, and changes have been added.

In the case of “channeled material”…, well…, in those cases…, I usually read them with the idea that EACH IDEA…, must be put to the TEST to see if it is really true or not!

Nothing is taken AS TRUE…, until it is proven true by EXPERIENCE!

This “experience” can only be gained through the USE of your own FREEWILL…, as directed by your own MIND.


The MIND is the “key”

The MIND is the gateway to YOUR POWER…

Think on this……………

All my love

















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