By: Bradley Loves

It’s “time” for another heart to heart…, and a “this IS the way it is” kind of article!

Like it, or hate it…, it is the TRUTH…, for the level of physical manifestation that we all live in…, and no matter how much you wish it to be different…, I’m sorry…, we are all operating within these specific parameters.

The “morphogenic” field (morpho-genetic for those who are going to look it up) is an ELECTRO – MAGNETIC FIELD which operates very much like the “FORCE” of StarWars origin.

Anyone who has already read any of my posts, will also know that the “word” (whirr’d) “Magic”…, is short for Magnetic!  So then…, we could exchange the word magnetic above…, and come up with this:

The “morphogenic” field is an ELECTRO – MAGIC FIELD very much like the “FORCE” of Star Wars origin.

So let’s be “very” clear about this!  This is why…, those who are at the very top of the “ILLUMINATI”, and even some of the rank and file Satanists…, (as Jay Parker clearly says and talks about in his many interviews) consider themselves to be:


If you have watched ANY of Jay Parker’s interviews…, you’ll know he was born into a Generational Satanic Family…, and that his “mother” claimed to be a “witch” with ties going all the way back to the “Amalekites” over 3,000 years ago, while his father claimed to be a “warlock” from a family going back 9 generations!

(Amalekites are people who were members of the tribe of Amalek – Gen. 36:12)

However…, getting “rid” of the fancy terms…, they are…, after all still magicians.

They are “magicians” because they work with the ELECTRO – MAGIC FEILD.

They are “magicians” because they work with the ELECTRO – MAGNETIC FEILD of the planet.

Okay…, so I hope that we have got this established!  Is everyone up to speed on this?

When I talked with William (Brett) Stillings…, who spent almost his entire life working with either the CIA, DARPA, and other agencies and programs…, he told me “personally” (that means face to face)…, that NASA…, JPL, and everyone who worked there, and even more importantly, the very top levels of the “military” were deeply into MAGIC!

He said they were consumed by it!

They are all F**KING “MAGICIANS”…, he said without any hesitation.

He then proceeded to show me his (very large) computer screen, and his google earth page with countless pins all over the globe with lines of distance, and angles of degrees connecting every major Military Base in AMERICA!

Almost ALL Major Cathedrals (Churches) – Government Buildings – Universities – and other very important places were also “connected” into the SATANIC GRID,  along with all those military bases…, which used geometry and distance in a way that you and I could barely imagine!

So…, let’s get back to the ELECTRO – MAGNETIC FEILD of the planet.

ALL of the ley lines…, or the “grid lines” of the planet are part of the planet’s ELECTRO – MAGNETIC FIELD.  And…, these “ley lines” or “grid lines” run energy back and forth along the planet bringing huge amounts of raw power and energy to certain places and establishments.

If you wished to “use” or to “utilize” that raw power and energy…, then you’d want to place your buildings directly on top of…, or at specific angles to these grid lines.

Of course here again…, what does a “magician” really do…, if not work with magnetic (magic) energies.

Now Jay Parker has said many times in his interviews that the ILLUMINATI are not interested in CONSIOUSNESS…, but rather…, they are interested in the subconscious mind which can be “controlled” without the conscious mind even being aware of that control.

The “sub-conscious” mind is the highly “programmable” part of the mind which runs on auto-pilot and does most of the day to day functions of the human body.

It is more like a “machine” in that regard…, and can therefore be quite easily PROGRAMMED…, if one knows how to do it.

This is why the CIA…, and almost all government agencies are wholly and totally into MIND CONTROL!

Mind Control…, is the “programming” of the subconscious…, very much like a hypnotist does…, when trying to get a smoker to stop smoking!

A “program” or a “subconscious suggestion” is literally INSTALLED…, almost like a computer program which changes and amends the entire OPERATING SYSTEM.

This is why it is so dangerous.

MK ULTRA…., and MONARCH MIND CONTROL are programs that are still very much alive and being run by both the military and the Illuminati.

….So “HOW” does the “morhogenic” field…, or the “electro magnetic field” affect all of “us”?

Consciousness is, in fact” MAGNETIC!

Okay…, let that sit for a moment…, and then let’s repeat it.

Consciousness is MAGNETIC

You see…, if your “ability” to THINK…, to ACT…, to BEHAVE, and to KNOW anything…, are all based upon MAGNETISM…, so then messing around with the MORPHOGENIC or ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD would directly “affect” that on a planetary scale!

Now…, if you read that last statement…, and did not fall out of your chair…, then you did not understand it…., please read it again!

  • Read it…, until you get it…, and you do (in fact) fall out of your chair! Well, maybe just until you get it will be good enough.

What is absolutely “profound” about this is that as beings of CONSCIOUSNESS we are highly DEPENDANT upon magnetic fields!

It is also very important to say that these magnetic fields need to be both:

  • Stable
  • Harmonically Balanced

Think of it like this! (Exactly like this)

A fish swims in the ocean.  It can swim anywhere in the Ocean, because it lives in the Water.  The water is very literally the FIELD where it was “planted”…, and grows.  This is why in order to have healthy fish…, the water needs to be clean, pure, and harmonically balanced for good growth and development of that which lives WITHIN IT.

The “morphogenic” field is our OCEAN, because we are beings of: CONSCIOUSNESS.  And just like fish swim and live in the ocean, WE “swim” in the invisible “electro-magnetic” fields which are all around us, and even saturate our bodies and internal organs.

So…, if you know how to “manipulate” the magnetic and morphogenic fields…, then you are basically CHANGING the very nature of the “OCEAN” that human beings are swimming in.  And the favorite way to do that is with Ritual Child Sacrifice and Child Torture…, which is a direct link into severely DAMAGING the “field”.

(It would be like dumping a ton of radio active waste in the ocean!)

So, in a nutshell, (and it’s been a tough nut to crack)…., this is what all those MAGICIANS are doing on the planet!

This is what the Satanists…, and the Illuminati are doing to all of us together!  They are changing the “nature” of the Ocean our Consciousness swims in….


Needless to say…, as beings, living and planted upon the Earth…, we are very intimately “connected” to all of the multiple magnetic and electrical “fields” all around us…, since WE ourselves are both electrical…, and magnetic.

Ask yourself this question:

Why do they even CALL IT a “field”???


What happens in a field?

Isn’t a “field” a place where farmers plant “seeds” that can then “grow” and nurture and become live plants that can bear fruit?

What are your very “thoughts” if not seeds??

And if (just “if”) your thought WERE seeds…, then where could you possibly put them in order to make them grow, if not into a FIELD?

You see…, if indeed you are CONSCIOUSNESS…, not a body…, but in fact CONSCIOUSNESS…, then any “seeds” that you produce would also have to be consciousness seeds!  

And the only “logical” place to plant a consciousness seed (which is electro magnetic in it’s nature) and see it grow into into something wonderful…, is to place that seed into an ELECTRO – MAGNETIC FIELD!

That “field” by the way, is all around you…, and is what Jay Parker calls the “morphogenic” field.

Oh…, and…, that is the very SAME FIELD that the Satanists and the Illuminati (magicians) are screwing with!

It is the field of the subconscious…, and that is why they work day and night, and night and day…, to PROGRAM our minds…, and to DISTORT that field!

What is their goal?


To bring his children to their knees…, and while doing that…, END the human species on the Earth as GOD himself created it.

Satanists…, very literally HATE GOD!   

Their one and only goal is to bring LUCIFER (LUCY) into full power upon the Earth and see anyone who does not bow down to him, crushed.

As we speak…, it is clear that our “governments”…, the “universities”…, the Catholic Church (and other churches) and the military have been infiltrated and taken over by Satanic Illuminati MAGICIANS.

However…, if you don’t believe me…, just listen to Jay Parker for a while…, or Mark Passio, or Brett Stillings!

  • As we speak…, treaties have been made with the “alien grays” (FALLEN ANGELS)…, and other such species…, which want to Terra-form the planet and have a “trans-humanist” population that is far more machine like and robotic than human.
  • As we speak…, Nano Tech is being chem-trailed daily into the air we breath so that we have no choice but to ingest it into our bodies and lungs.  This self constructing Nano Tech then blends with our biology and makes our bodies far MORE susceptible to various “electro-magnetic” waves and frequencies which can be USED TO PROGRAM OUR MINDS AND BODIES.
  • As we speak…, those who are our so called “leaders”…, Government Officials, along with certain Church Leaders, Military Leaders, and even Mafia Leaders…, (the 12 to 15 percent that Jay Parker says are Satanists) have sold the rest of us OUT…, and are working very hard to bring in what they call:  THE NEW WORLD ORDER!
  • LUCIFER (LUCY)…, is being programmed into our consciousness so that we will accept him.  “I Love Lucy”…, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”…, and almost all other well publicized “LUCY”  references are to LUCIFER!

You think I’m kidding right?  Well for those who “just can’t believe”…, why not have a look (hurry it will be gone soon) at the first few minutes of this LOST EPISODE of  I LOVE LUCY!  It’s lost, because it was never aired!  It is called the “lost pilot” and is labeled Episode 0, Season 0 for a good reason.

If you watch it you’ll see that Ricky is wearing pajamas with a huge image of a “cute” figure of Satan (Lucifer, wink wink) on his back, which “Lucille Ball” sees, and then gets scared of.  But Ricky keeps his back to the camera several moments in the very first scene of the show just to make sure everyone sees really clearly WHO Lucy really is!  And “I LOVE LUCY” ran on TV for decades… PROGRAMMING the public with three simple words:  I…, LOVE…., LUCY (LUCIFER).  This is exactly how a “magician” works…, on the subconscious level…, placing a “suggestion” into your mind over decades of time!

The truth of the matter is that almost ALL of the programming that has been done to us as a group has been done subconsciously!

Jay Parker said that it was discovered that the subconscious mind sees and interprets 4 million bits of information per second, while the conscious mind see and interprets 40 bits of information per second.

The ratio that the Illuminati is dealing with…, is almost a MILLION TO ONE in their favor when they work on only the subconscious level!

And…, as I’ve shown in many of my most recent posts…, the MINDS of most Americans are already so “hived”…, that they can’t even see how ridiculous and robotically controlled their own behavior is!

More will be coming…, but please think about these things….

More will be coming!





















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