By: Bradley Loves

Since I was not alive before the year 1960, I guess its tough for me to begin to convince anyone reading this blog post that it warrants any merit based solely on the title.

So far as many really smart people are concerned, we’ve always lived under a veil of secrecy and thus deception.

However, with the advent of the Internet, MSM 24 hour round the clock Fake News, Satanic Hollywood, Rogue Intelligence Agents and Agencies, the Deep State, and the Luciferian Agenda…, it is equally as hard to prove that this is not the most deceptive time in history!

So where does that leave us?

Swimming in a cesspool of lies, falsehoods, made up stories, outright fabrications and that is just the beginning!

Only a day or two ago, ABC NEWS ran this completely misleading video which shows a military training mission in Kentucky and claims it is an actual battle going on as we speak in SYRIA!

They not only did it once…, they did it twice which pretty much shows it was intentional!  They only stopped when they got caught!

This apparently is the NEW NORMAL here in the land of the free and the home of the brave!  We get slapped in the face daily with a steady stream of lies and it appears there is nothing we can do about it.

My only question (I guess) is where are all of the Americans who even care?


American Culture has been given (deliberately) more distractions than any other culture in history has ever gotten!

  • We have endless sporting events
  • A thousand television channels
  • A dozen or more pay per view movie platforms
  • The Internet
  • Social Media
  • I-phones, I-pads, Smart Tablets
  • An endless supply of gambling in Casinos in every single state (Native American)
  • Online gambling as well
  • An endless supply of porn on the internet
  • Child-porn on the internet
  • Video games
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Star-bucks Coffee Houses everywhere
  • Vacations and Cruises at your finger-tips
  • And much, much MORE….

So where does anyone even have time to be outraged over being lied to?  The American culture is too busy being “entertained” (entrained)!

Here is a typical social conversation between young people…

Group of friends using smartphone not interested in each other. Five persons leaning to a wall and looking at their own phone, ignoring friends. Technology and social media addiction in real life.

Of course this was predicted…

And predicted…. (cue up to 2:15)


So, the real question is:


The answer is that those at the very top of of the food chain (Oligarchs, Satanists and Secret Societies) are trying very desperately to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER – ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and “AMERICA” is the only country on the entire planet standing in the way!

Since America is made up of “AMERICANS” – then those Americans need to be kept busy and distracted while the NewWorld Order is rolled out and their entire country is “destroyed” from within by TRAITORS working with the New World Order Agenda.

A large part (very large part) of the Distraction Process is simply CONFUSION!

This is where good people are not being told what is really going on out there even when they do stop their distractions momentarily and take time to look up to see if any thing dangerous is happening around them.

Let’s face it.  Even if humans are being willingly distracted – the thousands of years of survival instinct for self preservation kicks in every single day (at least for a while)!

No “distraction” is powerful enough to keep the attention of Americans 24 hours a day.

So…, when Americans do look up from their distractions daily (to see if danger is approaching them) then you have the Main Stream Media there to tell them NOTHING BUT LIES!

It has become 100 percent Propaganda all the time!

The purpose?

To keep the mass of Americans believing that nothing odd or strange is happening in the world while those in support of the One World Religion/New World Order began to make their final moves!

See these articles by Leo Zagami:

The Antichrist, Fatima prophecies and Prince Charles in Rome


The Pope’s Bodyguard Resigns after the Disappearance of Half a Billion U.S. dollars from the Vatican Bank



Here they are:   The Propagandic Purveyors of Perdition

America’s very own “PPP”

Each one makes somewhere around – ONE MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH!

Sheppard Smith (who just quit Fox News) earned a whopping 15 millions dollars a year!

Why do you think Donald Trump…, probably Americas only real friend in Washington DC – continuously points out that these PPP members are:   THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

If and when mass arrests take place…, (if ever) these people need to be put in front of a firing squad for TREASON!

Why does TRUMP call them the enemy of the AMERICAN PEOPLE??

Because their LIES are meant only to DECEIVE and CONFUSE us…, so that AMERICA will fall to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

There is NO BIGGER CRIME possible than this kind of betrayal!

They are on the payroll of those who would DESTROY US!

That means they have basically DECLARED WAR on all of us!

It is an ACT OF WAR to lie to and deceive people in order that their liberty, property, and rights can be stolen from them!

All I can say America…, is that I pray for you…, as do so many people who can see it all happening!

Some day before your total destruction…, maybe you will be able to pull yourself away from your distractions just long enough to save your own country…, and your own culture!


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