By: Bradley Loves


NON – JUDGEMENT…,  is the “idea” that one should “never”… (read: Not allowed EVER) judge another human being, or issue…, no matter what occurs.

I can’t tell you the number of issues and situations that are now “growing” in the fertile soil of UNLIMITED STUPIDITY that comes from non-judgement…, which most people (who are not really very sophistocated) have taken to mean NON – THINKING.

Oh…, there are the few spiritual people here and there, who “get” the deeper meaning of the concept of non judgement…, but the run of the mill ordinary guy and gal on the street who hears of this type of thing…, has NO REAL CLUE what non judgement really means…, and so they TAKE IT TO MEAN …, just don’t think!

(As opposed to Don’t Judge)

Here is where our entire planet is getting into countless RIDICULOUS arguments about issues which are as meaningless as they are silly.

Agruments like these are coming up under the New Age “banner” of Non-Judgement…, because people who don’t understand the concept…, have opted to STOP THINKING!

The “gender” argument with all of it’s political correctness is a DIRECT RESULT of the NEW AGE idocy which has filtered a very difficult concept down to the mindless and uneducated masses who have NO CLUE how to interpret such a lofty goal or ideal!

See this link from SOTT.NET

[Note: for those of you who just can’t see that this piece is a SATIRE…, HINT:  It is SATIRE…, and written to be looked as pure fo0lishness!]

These people…, in their “rush” to be non-judgemental are throwing THINKING right out the window.

Here are some quotes from the above link:

Transgender and intersex students should not have to declare their birth gender when applying to university sports teams, the National Union of Students (NUS) is expected to rule.

Students are currently only allowed to join university sports teams based on the sex they were born as rather than what gender they identify with now.

This can act as a “barrier” for trans students, according to a motion due to be debated by the NUS at its annual conference on Tuesday.

“These demands … can make sport inaccessible for trans students who cannot or do not wish to medically transition and can alienate and prevent those who are transitioning from partaking in sport. Furthermore, intersex students can feel unwelcome in gendered sports teams altogether.”

In order to demonstrate the pure foolishness in how young people (who really believe that they are doing the “correct” thing in following the  New Age rule of “non-judgement”) are now acting and behaving in the real world…, this article goes on to say this:

Other motions due to be debated include whether the NUS should launch an inquiry into the effect of “no platform” and “safe space” policies on free speech.

Some delegates will also attempt to ban clapping and whooping at all future NUS events, on the basis that these behaviors are not accessible to disabled students.

The motion calls for “reduced cheering or unnecessary loud noises on conference floor, including whooping and clapping,” ….and warns of “consequences for those who ignore this requirement.”

Of course this is complete idocy!

And even if truly suggested as policy (which I doubt that it ever would be) only serves to show us that is it meant to curtail individual school pride and fervor in exchange for a much more BORG LIKE GROUP THINK.

It would be a move to demonstrate that we are ALL part of a “collective”…, and must all think the very same thoughts!

The young people of our world…, who do NOT REALLY UNDERSTAND the concept of “non-judgement”…, and who have no real life experience…, are taking this concept to the extreme, and believe it to mean…, STOP THINKING!

Those who are inside of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT…, and who push this form of idealism daily on their internet websites and blogs each and every day…, have NOT stopped for even a moment to consider the NEGATIVE FALLOUT that their lofty and very complex spiritual teachings are having on YOUNG PEOPLE who do not really understand them.

Naturally…, in true NEW AGE form…, no one within the NEW AGE itself is willing to take responsibility for what they are doing.., because NO ONE IN THE NEW AGE EVER TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING!

(That would be JUDGEMENT)

I have never heard a single solitary APOLOGY from any NEW AGE CHANNELER for their wholly “incorrect” postings about the imminent “Ascension” we were all supposed to experience come December 21, 2012!

Countless (and I really do mean countless) channelers were posting messages saying that (in NO UNCERTAN TERMS) this was going to happen!

So many people believed this faulty and wholly untrue prediction, that some even took to selling all their worldly belongings…, including their homes, cars, and emptying their Bank Accounts!

When the Ascension did NOT occur…, these people were left homeless and without a penny!

Not one of the hundreds of Channelers who were making “predictions” that this was a DONE DEAL and could ever fail to occur…, uttered a single word of APOLOGY when the fateful day came and passed without the much anticipated “Event” occuring.


Because…, not one of them were willing to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what they had written, or said publicly on the interent.

(That would be self JUDGEMENT)

In my opinion…, these people are SICK!

The article I’ve posted above is one of dozens and dozens I’ve passed in only the last few months which prove to me that the NEW AGE ideal of non-judgement is actually teaching our young to embrace NON THINKING.

But “who” within the NEW AGE will say this?

WHO within the NEW AGE has ever done something called:


(Which means to look carefully at the fallout and real time consequences of holding certain beliefs and ideals)

But that too would be “judgement”.

The lack of “judgement” will eventually DESTROY all of humanity…, and as has been written before:

….While Rome burned…, crazy Nero played the fiddle…

In this case…, it will be


(meaning they sat there and did nothing…, because to “do” something would have been “judgement”.)



Here are a few links to look at, which show what the TEACHERS are being asked to “teach” their students (as we speak)…, and it all has to do with “pronouns”!

This is being SHOVED down the throats of every living human being by the LGBT community…, which claims that the use of the pronouns “He” and “She” are both limiting and derogitory!

So they’ve come up with this:

And this comes straight from the LGBT website itself!!

Located here:

Gender Pronouns


So now…, instead of saying “he” or “she”

You must think about saying things like “ve”, “xe”, “per” or “ey”…, instead or risk being called SEXIST!


See this link


All I want to say is this:

Thank you “NEW AGERS” for creating this problem…, you and  you alone caused this!

Your push for “total” non judgement has caused the entire WORLD to stop thinking!

Maybe…, you might want to AMEND what you are teaching!


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