By: Bradley Loves


Well…., I’ve seen it all!

I’ve been thinking about writing something like this for a while now…, but I needed a good example before I did…, and this one fits the position perfectly!

The “alternative media” is a very large cross section of writers and bloggers…, but there is a “sub-section” of the Alternative Media that I call the NEW AGE ALT. MEDIA…, and I’ve got to tell you…, this part of the Alt. Media is getting more and more crazy as we speak.

Flying high like kites (as if on some sort of acid trip) they are more and more willing to post absolutely ANYTHING that comes across their radar…, no matter how ridiculous and ludicrous it is.

Please check out this Blog Post…, which is about as INSANE…, and CRAZY…, and absolutely RIDICULOUS as can be:

There is not a single shred of TRUTH in this post…., and in fact…, even the writer keeps inserting things like…, “I know this all sounds crazy”…., because he/she is afraid the readers will stop reading before the end.

This is the type of GARBAGE that the “powers that be” are putting out to the masses and then LAUGH their as*es off at when “THOSE WHO JUST WANT TO BELIEVE”…, don’t have enough sense to ask a single question about what they have read.

This had to have been written by a Government Troll…, and yet is posted as if it is “BREAKING NEWS”.

I’m just sick and tired of people who don’t have enough sense to see this is pure idocy…, and call it out…, instead of POSTING it to their blog as if it were some sort of Breaking News Story.

All I can say is:

Read it…, have a good laugh…, and then SCOLD THE BLOGGER who posted it for being stupid!

All my love…


Here is the very same post…, (apparently which NO ONE with any sense even read…, and therefore is not filtered out for being just ridiculous…)

These are the types of websites (the ones that NEVER filter anything) that you really need to avoid!!


Because those men/women running them DO NOT CARE IF WHAT THEY POST OUT TO THE PUBLIC IS THE TRUTH OR NOT!!


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