By: Bradley Loves


It is not that the NEW AGE movement tells us that we can all be “GODS” that is suspect here in my writings, or should be of real concern to anyone who is reading this.


…is that every single blasted person ever connected to the NEW AGE who is saying this very thing, tells us that LUCIFER is the one who has told us about this, and that it is he who is therefore showing human beings the way to GODHOOD!

Furthermore every single group ever started by the FREEMASONS says this as well!

This is why (in their opinion) LUCIFER is the GOD of this world, and why (in their opinion) anyone who thinks differently NEEDS TO DIE, or at the very least, have all truth hidden from them!

Think on this deeply before you go to your next channeling session!

The “Nation of Islam” comes from a far older organization that is deeply connected to FREEMASONRY!

The “Ku Klux Klan” comes from an older organization connected to FREEMASONRY!!



More Coming in PART FOUR –

How does all of this tie directly into SATANISM, which is part of the hidden and darkly magical portion of LUCIFERIANISM?

How does it tie fully into modern day FREEMASONRY?

All my love



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