If this above media post is actually true, then Hospitals may no longer be safe for people who don’t want to get the JAB.  It appears that they are going to give it to you whether you want it or not – and according to all indications…, it is very literally a DEATH SHOT.

I agree totally with the second slide who says these Doctors have turned into MONSTERS and can no longer be trusted.

Be very careful about going to the hospital and getting put under – because you may get more than you bargained for once you are asleep.



From DDN

I have just received info from a friend in Brazil with intel from a guy who has military insider contacts: Lula will win the election because they stole it, as usual. Bolsonaro will wait to receive the reports of the election results plus all the evidence of fraud. Then the shit hits the fan. My guess is martial law. The military will call for new elections and administrate all of it. No civilians. The military intel guy says that it will be quick. Everything is expected to happen within 12-24 hours after the “election results” come in. Looks like it’s Bolsonaro’s role in this “movie”

I’ve seen vids already with military all over the streets in Brazil, so it sounds like it’s true and this stolen election may be used to reveal election fraud to the whole world.


My best guess is that this will all happen BEFORE the American mid-term elections.  If things get really ugly in Brazil – this could be used as an excuse to cancel or to postpone the mid-terms here in America, because the Dem’s would “fear” the military coming in and declaring Martial Law.

They may then go to Plan B – and simply cancel the elections – but they would need a good reason to do so!

The only other way to cancel the mid-terms would be a huge false flag distraction in Ukraine or somewhere else in the world that leads to World War III. 

Perhaps a Dirty Bomb going off somewhere that appears as if it is a tactical nuke??

Be prepared and ready for anything.  The Deeeep  Staaaate is in PANIC MODE

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