Many of you somehow thought that the NEW WORLD ORDER would be the very same as all of the other DISTOPIAN EMPIRES that rose up and eventually failed!

(In other words…, there would eventually be a WAY OUT of it)

However, YOU are fooling yourselves.  Those were beta tests…, over thousands of years, done to prepare for the final push into Eternal Slavery for all mankind!

This time…, instead of the Roman Empire rising and falling…, or rulership of Xerxes coming and going…, the NEW WORLD ORDER will stay because YOU and everyone else will be locked into it for eternity!

The TARGETED INDIVIDUALS who have been tormented and tortured (inside their minds) for the last 40 to 50 years were the beta test for the New World Order complete – total – and utter MIND CONTROL of every human being living on the Planet!

Now you may ask…, what’s so wrong with having a computer hooked up to your mind??

Just ask any of the Targeted Individuals who have been “practiced on” for the last 50 years and they will tell you the horrible pain they feel when a “programmed” computer is attempting to wipe out a thought from their mind!

Ask those who have been through the horror and the terror as they can feel electrical impulses moving through their head trying to block memories and keep them from accessing their own thoughts and FORCING OTHER THOUGHTS ON THEM INSTEAD!


Watch this video…, and prove me wrong!

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