By: Bradley Loves

Because this is the year of TRUTH…, and hopefully…, the END of all “fake” channelings,  and channeled messages…, I will be taking very close look at everything I consider to be BULLSH*T this year…, and “calling it”!

I carefully pointed out (over the last few years) how the channelers were supportive of Barack Obama…, and how in the end he was anything BUT what they said he was!

These Channelers were nothing more than CON artists!

Here is a New Video and Message which is most likely a HUGE CON!

I do not know this person personally…, but what I do know is that what she is saying IS NOT THE TRUTH!

Here is the website/blog I am referring to…, and the videos/message in question!

First of all…, just who is she kidding??   Really, she is telling us that SHE is getting a message from PRIME CREATOR!!    REALLY???

Wow…, what an ego!

Do you know that even GOD REALIZED SOULS…, and I’m talking real living masters of the great past…, did not “know” the whole plan of Prime Creator!

Even they did not claim to understand the drama being played out in its totality!

But wait…, here we have a CHANNELER…, who sits down and goes “oommm” a few times and suddenly is getting a direct message from PRIME CREATOR??

What is she smoking!

Once again…, because I do understand that “channeling” is in fact a real phenomenon…, I have no doubt that she is “getting” a message from somewhere!

But don’t be so damn gullible!

This message (once again) is most likely coming from the ASTRAL LEVEL and is being sent by a being or an entity who wants to take the human race for a ride!

Nothing more!


These Astral beings take vicious and malicious pleasure in being able to speak their messages to anyone who tunes in…,  and trick the gullible humans who are willing to be taken for a ride, into paying attention to them.  That is all it is!!

They get a LAUGH from this!


I can take apart this message, and point out every single flaw and lie it contains (which are many)!

Lets get into the finer points of the “crap”!

….You all have created your own experience for this process so there is no one or no thing that should ever be blamed if your experience is not what you thought it would be. Remember you created this part for yourself and only you. You also may have chosen to be with others or even to do this as a collective.


The above statement is the same crap that we have been hearing over and over again for a decade now…, and is the standard bullsh*t!    Here is what it is trying to say…., (decoded)

“You wanted this life!!”    So therefore there is no such thing as “BAD”.

Every child that was Ritually raped and tortured…, and had it’s head chopped off…, or it’s heart ripped out….., and it’s blood drained to be drank…., WANTED THAT!

The men and women who did this to them therefore are “not bad people”

Men and women who are pedophiles and rapists…,  are therefore not “bad” because they are only doing to the child what it actually WANTED!

Give me a break for crying out loud!!

It’s obvious this is not the TRUTH!

And yet…, it is posted as an URGENT MESSAGE FROM PRIME CREATOR!!

Bull crap!!

This message was sent by… Snidley Foolums…, aka, Astral Guy…, who is  “pretending” to be Prime Creator!!

This woman Alexandra, is not smart enough to see through the crap…, and sends out this message as the TRUTH!

Newsflash…, Alexandra…, you’ve been had!! 

The problem with these channelers…, is that they desperately WANT to be the “ONE” who gets contacted by the biggest and the best…, and when anyone comes knocking on their door and claims to be that…, they are overwhelmed with such “joy”…, they don’t even examine the message to see if it holds any truth in it!

ITS EGO…, pure and simple.

Let’s look into more of the CRAP!

All of you have been attending class with me to fully understand and comprehend everything you need to know and understand, each and every night.  Did I say every night?  Yes I did, and this is specifically why so many are having a hard time sleeping.

Alexandra…, do you even know how the universe is set up??

At night…, we all go to the Astral Levels…, which is exactly ONE LEVEL up above this one!  Thats all!    There are several parts to the Astral Level…, and depending upon your awareness…, you may go to the lower or higher levels.  The lower levels are filled with dark entities!   The higher levels are filled with beauty, and nicer beings.

Sorry dear…, PRIME CREATOR does not live on the Astral Level!

Therefore…, “we” are not going to classes each and every night with Prime Creator!  PERIOD!

Even if you go 100 percent out of the body…, and go as far as the silver cord will allow you to go…, you would still be pulled back FAR BEFORE you ever got close to Prime Creator!

I’m sorry my dear…, it’s time to GROW UP…, and learn the TRUTH!

You are being had and conned by an Astral Entity…, who wants to have some fun with you…, and enjoys the fact that you are being taken in by it!

And for my readers who are still with me in 2017…, let this be a lesson in “discernment”!

Yes…, we have to discern…, and judge what the TRUTH is…, and this woman is not telling the truth!

All my love

















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