By: Bradley Loves


Now that Washington DC is crumbling under the weight of it’s own corruption…, and the rats are in full retreat…, how do you get the Public at large to stand down and do absolutely nothing???

You tell them all they are all about to ASCEND!

That’s right friends…,

Straight from the Dinar Chronicles Website…, where everyone is desperately awaiting the Currency RV…, we have this “CHANNELED MESSAGE” from an Arch Angel named:  Anafiel

The message is a simple one…, and it is this:

So sorry…, don’t worry about your RV…, it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Instead…, you are all going to “ASCEND” on November 6th, 2016…, so no RV is necessary!


And just why are we finding out about this NOW?   Why not 6 months ago?

Surely if the “higher ups” in the cosmos can see this coming in a week…, they COULD have seen it coming 6 months ago!

Also…, isn’t it VERY INTERESTING…, that this comes out just before the ELECTION…, when HILLARY is wallowing in the mire of all her crimes!

You can find the suspicious post located HERE

It gives all the times and dates about who is going.., and to where…, and just how high!

Very nicely laid out.., I might add.

Strange however that only ONE CHANNELER out of the millions of Channelers living all around the world is saying this!

You’d think that if something THIS BIG…, and THIS IMMENSE was this close…, then ALL (yes.., this means ALL) of the Channelers out there could “get the same message” because the HIGHER UPS were in agreement finally about humanity.

But that has not happened.  Instead…., ONLY ONE channeler and only ONE channeled entity has said this.

(This reminds me of the Corey Goode saga…, where only ONE human being out of 7 billion has been chosen to be the spokes person for the BLUE AVIANS…, and give the world messages that affect us all.)

Let me tell you what I think…

I’m not going to hold my breath for this one…, because I know just a little bit about PSY OPS!

Washington DC…, needs a MAJOR DISTRACTION right now because their “candidate” has gone into the TOILET!

The only way to “distract” people from that is to tell them they are ALL GOING TO ASCEND…, so they will be skipping around like absolutely NOTHING ON EARTH MATTERS for the next week!

Also…, based up the “CLINTON SALVAGE” Document that I posted earlier in the week…, Bennenson Group strongly suggested the use of HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY to occur on or just before election day!

They “suggested” a fake ALIEN INVASION…., but you know…, seeing Jesus in the SKY everywhere in the world…, and tons of “people” suddenly rising upward from the ground (Holographically) would certainly be in the same line of thinking.

Oh…, for those that are left…, before Jesus disappears…, he could say something like:

Oh… by the  way…, VOTE HILLARY!


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