By: Bradley Loves


The “oculus” is a very interesting geometric shape.  Found literally everywhere in the Ancient World…, it can be found MOST abundantly today on churches and cathedrals.

The “oculus” is literally “AN EYE”…, and has all sorts of OCCULT connotations.

However…, in the tradition of my NEW writing style I am going to speak plainly and simply about the Oculus.

I am CONVINCED that the oculus or “the eye” is really the Ancient Symbol used for a “gateway” or a “portal”.

So what we are talking about here is “other dimensions.”

Having said that…, I am going to go one step further here and say that I am also CONVINCED that the “elite” powers that should not be are very actively involved in worshipping (and working with) beings or entities from OTHER DIMENSIONS.

Now…, just to be very clear…, so as not to be misunderstood.  I did NOT say they are engaged with beings from HIGHER dimensions…, but simply OTHER dimensions.

Is everyone on the same page?

The oculus or the EYE therefore in MY OPINION is the symbol of GATEWAY TRAVEL or PORTAL TRAVEL to other realms and other dimensions.

Even the New Agers would probably have to agree with me that “other” dimensions of consciousness are possible in theory.

What I am suggesting here is that the ANCIENTS had broken the barrier of dimensions and opened gateways to physically move into areas where only consciousness was supposed to go.

Dimensions are probably SEPARATED for a very good reason…, and physically traversing them without a good reason is like playing with matches near a gas pump.

But WHY is the oculus so prevalent only on churches and cathedrals in these modern times?

Well…, I’m convinced as I said above that the Catholic Chruch…, (which claims to own the entire world) is really in LEAGUE with, or at the very top even worshipping beings and entities from other dimensions.

So forget about ET’s from this dimension…, I think there is a whole level of things about those men and women who are at the very top of our planet that even the MILITARY does not know about (unless they’ve been read in to it).

I will be doing more on this subject in future articles.

Suffice it to say that there is SO MUCH happening in our world…, that really has nothing to DO with our world…, but instead has to do with psychopaths at the very top of our society who are SO DISCONNECTED from the rest of us, that for them to dabble in ANCIENT SCIENCES which open portals and gateways is right up their alley.

What do you think CERN is really all about?

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