DNI -Director National Intelligence

NID – “fictional” Rogue Intelligence Group that beats up on normal politicians and military personnel because of their top level access to Off World Information and Alien Technologies!

May be it’s nothing, but it seems suddenly “co-incidental”.

Fast forward this video to 1 minute and 50 seconds:


Anyone who had watched StarGate SG-1 consistently knows that in the “fictional show” there are countless rouge government agencies and “rogue” Senators who for lack of a better word – use their positions of POWER to hide, hammer, and abuse all Off World Technologies, Weapons, Data, and Information and while trying to control ALL OF IT – keep it hidden from the American people!

The new Director of the real DNI (NID ?) is going to soon be confirmed by THESE REAL SENATORS who sit on something called the SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE OF INTELLIGENCE.  (SSCI)

My question is this:  Are these Senators exactly the same “rogue” types that are portrayed in the Stargate SG-1 “fictional” TV Series (?)

Do they KNOW about all things OFF WORLD – and is this the group that keeps tabs on everything that has to do with Star-gates/Time-Travel/Off World Aliens (??)

Look who is on the “list” from the Democrat side –

Two Senators from California – That’s both of them!   And Senators from New Mexic0 – Colorado – and Oregon, all of which are states known to have many Deep Underground Military Bases!!

And for some amazing reason, even most of the Senators from the Republican side don’t seem to like DONALD TRUMP!!

Go figure that?

Could it be because of the OFF WORLD STUFF ???

Is real life “following” the TV show StarGate SG-1(?)


See this article from the Conservative Treehouse about the upcoming “appointment” of the New Director of National Intelligence!

Massive Implications – President Trump Considering “Appointing” Ric Grenell For ODNI Position…



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