Message from Montague Keen – May 8, 2016


My dear, your understanding of how your world is controlled becomes better each day. Satanic, magical rituals were, and are used, over and over again, as they bring results, without the suspicion of humanity. They ensure that everything they do will pay dividends. What may seem to humanity like a silly ritual, must be examined, and all negative energy connections removed. The one you connected with this morning with M, was very important, as Ireland and the Irish people suffered trauma and bloodshed as a result. M understands the importance of the cleansing work which he does with you. It is exciting for you to be able to actually measure your success through the Schumann Resonance; to be able to see that the time it peaked corresponded with the time you were actually working is proof positive that it does work. Please encourage others to undertake this cleansing work, it is important for the survival of humanity. (The Schumann Resonance was 26,000,000,000,000,000,000 today.) Think of what it would be, if others too, worked on removing the negative energy from the Earth. Success would be yours much sooner.

Nothing negative can be hidden in the Light. You now see clearly what your puppet leaders are actually saying. I can tell you, THEY ARE RUNNING SCARED that the man in the street will turn on them when the full truth is out in the open. This is happening as we connect. All your history is FALSE. You must connect with who you are, your real roots. Face the fact that many of those around you do not belong on earth. NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS when you fully take this fact on board. You will move forward in truth and love and the destruction of your world will cease forthwith. Become the light you want to see in others.

Your oppressors are not getting their own way. They are in a quandary as to how to deal with the new situation in which they now find themselves. For so long, they fixed everything so it would be just as they wanted it. This is something which they cannot do any more. You, my friends, are causing them big problems. You have learned to think for yourselves. Research all possibilities and then make your own decisions based on fact, not fiction. The false information and teachings of the Vatican have served to cut mankind’s connection with Source. You were taught that you needed a middleman to approach the Source. This, I can assure you, is not the case. Connect once more with the Source, and you will experience changes in your life that will delight you. Again, I ask that you all do the REVOCATIONS to release yourselves from bondage. When possible, do them in a sacred place where many will come together to do them. You will become your own person again, not bound by any false doctrine whose purpose is to create fear and to capture your soul. Do not serve these imposters.

You are opening your eyes. You are seeing and realizing that all you had been taught is not true, and that you are being held captive by the Banks and the State. You are the 99%, so ask yourselves who is actually in control? Accept that you are Beings of Light, who are now escaping the darkness that had engulfed you. As you see and accept the light, you become stronger each day. When you come together with others, you know that you can never again be held captive by the Cabal. Never forget your goal. Always have it at the forefront of your mind. You are the Army of Light and Love. You are winning everyday. You see the proof of this all around you. The light cannot ever be contained or hidden again. Man is wiser now, he cannot be tricked into giving up his freedom again. Only those who wish to live in harmony will remain on Earth.

Your future is in your own hands. You are the architects of the future. Think carefully about what is best for all to live in peace. The removal of everything negative is the first step. The control systems, such as the Banks, which have deliberately caused such misery for humanity, must go. Governments such as you have known, will not be necessary to serve the people in the future. Education must be seriously reformed; all the lies must be removed, so that only truth is taught. Nothing of the old system should remain. It will be a new beginning for everyone.

Much planning has gone into bringing you to this moment in time. It will go down in history as the greatest change that humanity has ever known. Together, we will achieve it.

My dear, it is difficult to see a friend go through such difficulties. The end of it is in sight. He will come through it. Your work with M is both exciting and enlightening. Life is a struggle, but the end goal is what drives you.

Forever at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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