By: Bradley Loves


Based upon yesterdays post…, (if you’ve read it) you’d have to conclude that collectively we are facing many problems in our civilization.

This is not true!  We are really only facing ONE single problem here on Earth.., and that problem is the human beings willingness to lie and to deceive!

TRUTH…, very literally is the cure for EVERYTHING!


We would “have no problems ever” if grown adults could simply understand this one simple fact.

Now…, I have read, studied, and listened to countless “New Ager’s” talk about how there is no such thing as “bad”…, how it’s all subjective, that there is a negative or dark way to reach “heaven”…., and blah, blah, blah.

I have to tell you honestly how very sick and tired I am of these delusional people.

They say that “telling lies” is not “the” problem…, but I DISAGREE!

“Telling Lies” is the ONLY PROBLEM!

From this moment forth…, if you find, read about, or meet any “so-called” New Ager, or Spiritualist who tells you that lying, deception, or secrecy…, are acceptable or sometimes necessary…, then you have found someone who is completely IGNORANT OF UNIVERSAL LAW, and you should run the other way.

Why would I say this when so many New Ager’s say they are actively seeking and searching for “GOD”??


They HAVE NO CLUE who or what “GOD” is.





Therefore…, lies, deceptions, secrecy, dis-info, and mis-direction are NOT GOD!

They are the opposite, or the antithesis of GOD!

They are the DARK!

Where GOD = LIFE….,

….Lies, Secrecy, and Deciet are therefore “anti-life”.    Anything that  is not “life”, and does not support life…, is “death”.

“Secrecy” (by the way) is just another way to lie or to deceive!

It is known as a “lie of omission”.


Lies, Deciet, Secrecy do not support LIFE…, and are therefore “anti-life” or quite simply “death”.

They are of the Dark!

These choices should never be defended, or used by any decent civilization that claims to be seeking or searching for Prime Creator.

Now…, countless “New Ager’s” hold fanatically to the “belief” that Barack Obama somehow was or is a “high soul” because some Channeler told them so!


Barrack Obama LIED, DECIEVED, SECRETED, and DIS-INFO’D his way through 8 long years of the US Presidency!!

No one can dispute this!

So you tell me how he can ever be considered a “great soul”?

This is a LOW SOUL…, one of the VERY LOWEST!


Any Channeler…, or Channeled Entity who claims such non-sense is an imposter!  A Rogue!  Any being who telegraphs such information can NEVER be trusted ever again!


The only reason we do NOT have “truth” in our reality is that TRUTH interferes with PROFIT!




Due to personal greed…, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to create PROFIT…, lies, deciet, and secrecy have taken over in this realm.

There is no other reason for lies, deceit and secrecy EXCEPT to create PROFIT.

Someone, somewhere is benefiting financially from the withholding of information…, and THAT (and only that) is the reason for the secrecy…, and NO OTHER REASON.

This is why the New Age also is heavily involved with earning “dollars” and why it still has NO CLUE that TRUTH and only TRUTH is the cure for everything!

As long as there is money to be made…, and a human being can earn that money by NOT TELLING THE TRUTH…, then lies, deception, and secrecy will continue!

However…, make no mistake…, MONEY is NOT GOD!



There is nothing more to say…

All my love….


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