By: Bradley Loves


The New Agers like to say that the opposite of LOVE is not hate, but FEAR!

There is a tiny bit of truth in this statement.

There is (of course) a lot that this statement also misses (like all things NEW AGE)…, there is falsehood as well.

But…, as long as we are talking about FEAR…, lets stop playing games with words and call it what it really is:



Rather than love and fear…, which are convenient “safe space” words…, the real words that can accurately describe what we really wish to say here is that there are only two ways of thinking and being:






This is what every human being must face while living on Earth!  This is how they learn.., and this is the ONLY real lesson there is!




So…, instead of being all “soft and sensitive” and using words like LOVE and FEAR to describe two states of being within the human condition…, polar oppisite states which most people living on Earth can not relate to…, it is far better to use accurate words that MEAN exactly the same thing in the deepest sense.

Those words are COURAGE and COWARDICE!

At this time…, the successful people on the Earth are displaying GREAT COURAGE…, while those who are not successful are displaying ENDLESS COWARDICE!

There is not a single problem here on Earth that can not be solved with COURAGE!

Millions and millions of people (as a result of personal cowardice) are saying and doing things that are causing the world GREAT HARM!

As a result of wanting a job or a weekly “Paycheck” millions of people are willing to SELL THEIR SOULS and DO THINGS THAT ARE PURE EVIL!

This is called:     COWARDICE

There is no courage in this what so ever!

Men and women who sign “non-disclosure agreements” when they are working on SUPER ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY…, technology that would help the entire planet…, are hiding behind actions of COWARDICE!

There is NO COURAGE in the tiniest amount when a human being hides the very things that are necessary for an entire planet to prosper!

And what I have been trying to drill into the very thick heads of many people who may or may not come here to read is that there is really NO MIDDLE GROUND HERE!

You are either displaying GREAT COURAGE with each and every single thought, word and deed in your life…, OR….

You are displaying GREAT COWARDICE with each and every single thought, word and deed in your life.

So let’s be clear here and call it what it is!

Let’s stop the NEW AGE CON GAME right now and forever!

There are ONLY two ways of being…, and there are only two feelings or emotions on Earth…, and they are NOT love and fear!


Once people really get this…, their own lives…, and the entire world will improve over night!


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