By: Bradley Loves


The ANSWER to all of our problems has NEVER been more clear than it is as we confront this latest false flag event that took place in Orlando.

Regardless of what you (the reader) think of me…, or my articles…, you can NOT deny what I am about to say.  And there is NO arguing with it!

The Orlando False Flag will either succeed or fail based on what regular human beings do who were there and witnessed the event!

Far from being an event that had no witnesses…, there ARE IN FACT hundreds and hundreds of people all over the place who were either there and saw what went down…, OR…, they were somehow associated with the event by tangent…, such as police, hospital workers, bus drivers, etc…, and a whole host of people who know someone who knows someone!

Whether you think so or not…, this event…, and all of those like it…, IS ABOUT US!

It’s about our willingness to LIE!

It’s about our willingness to keep secrets.

It’s about our willingness to say:

Who the hell cares…, or Who the hell gives a shit…

You see, my friends…, “WE” are those people who don’t really have any “CARE” or “CONCERN” whether the truth gets told or not!

Harmonically…, we have “tuned” our bodies and minds onto a frequency that says…, “telling the truth does not matter”…., “it’s all good”…., “it’s all forgiven”…

So therefore…, the UNIVERSE…, (the magic Genie in the bottle) hearing our mind-set…, says:

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!   It further says this in response:

  • telling the truth does not matter
  • it’s all good
  • it’s all forgiven
  • who the hell cares
  • who the hell gives a shit

Why does it do this?

Because this very thing is what WE OURSELVES are saying in the daily circumstances around us!

Our lazy, and “lassez faire” mindset has “created” the REALITY that we are now seeing played out and made manifest in front of us…, even with these false flags!

The Universe is nothing more than a “mirror” which shows us where we are…, and what we are thinking at each and every moment!

It is, in fact, a perfect “reflection” of our COLLECTIVE THINKING, and nothing more!

Therefore…, whether or not we get to KNOW the truth about what really happened in ORLANDO…, depends totally on what we believe about the “idea” of TELLING THE TRUTH, no matter what the cost, at every moment!

Is it “important” enough to each and every one of us who are watching from the outside to TELL THE TRUTH in our own lives, and in every situation?

You see…, this is exactly where the “harmonic wave” that creates what we see played out on the “Earthly stage”  starts out as a seed…, which then gets planted into the Universal “field” of manifestation!

It all starts with us!

How many of those men and women who were near…, in…, or around the Orlando “event”…, hold the mindset that telling the TRUTH is far more important than simply “doing as they are told”…, or…, “not wanting to get involved”…., or…, saying things like this:

Who the hell cares…, and who the hell gives a shit…..

You see…, WE (the rest of us) will either KNOW the truth…, or NOT know the truth of what happened there…, BECAUSE of those very people, and what “THEY” are willing to do next!

However….., “THEY”….. (those that were there)…., are “US”…., in the micro-cosm!

They are OUR representatives!    And if OUR collective mindset…, is that the TRUTH does not matter…, or that “it’s all okay”…, or…, “it’s all forgiven in advance”…., or…, “that nothing that is happening here in this reality really matters at all…”

Then the Universe (acting through those people) will LIE TO US…, because that is what we are asking for, or saying that WE want!


We will only know the TRUTH…, when we VALUE NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

There is no mystery here…, and nothing that you can say in defense of lies or secrecy…, can argue with this!

It is as simple as this:

As you SOW…, that shall you reap….

It is only when enough of us stand up and say:


There is no such thing as being “half pregnant” in life!

You are either “pregnant” or you are “not pregnant”…, there is no in between.

Likewise…, these is no such thing as loving the TRUTH “half way”.

You either LOVE THE TRUTH…, or you don’t!   There is NO in between!

My dearest brothers and sisters…

Think on these things!















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