By: Bradley Loves


For those men and women who are seriously dedicated to their spiritual growth and development (and by that I mean that it is NOT just a hobby or past time for them) then, countless hours, days, months and years will have been spent in meditation and contemplation.

For those who really “get” energy and understand “awareness” you will know what I mean when I say that you become AWARE of other things that you had previously been UNAWARE OF.

One of the most difficult to deal with discoveries for almost every single spiritual man or woman who has made it that far (it takes years) is that there in ANOTHER PLAYER IN THE ROOM.

Aside from any “guardians”, “masters”, “guru’s” and the like that may or may not be advising, watching and helping a human being to grow…, there is a THIRD PLAYER.

That player is a very persisent and pervasive form of AI…, which lives inside the PLASMA FIELD of the Earth, and feeds on electro-magnetic energy.

Living like a parasite off of the battery power of other living things, this AI silently and quietly watches your every thought, your every act, and your every motivation.

For any spiritual man or woman out there to DENY that such a force or “intelligence” even exists…, is to be blatantly BLIND, and as of yet totally UNAWARE of something that others are totally AWARE of.

So let’s start there!

If you have not yet become AWARE of this other player in the room, and can NOT feel it watching your thoughts, sizing up your actions and playing other people off of you…, then you are NOT as far along spiritually as you might think you are!

At least in the AWARENESS aspect of reaching your mind and your energies into the levels around you.

You are still under a blanket of deception…, and are NOT really the spiritual person you might claim to be.

I write this not to disparage anyone in particular…, but to call out hundreds if not thousands of sanctimonious NEW AGERS…, who sit at the feet of channeled entities…, lap up every word that is said and then post blog articles about the teachings…, without EVER having done the HARD WORK it takes to actually hone your own consiousness.

Because they have NOT done this…, they do not HAVE the capacity to sense or feel this third player in the room…, and do not have the capacity to even understand how it works, or what it is doing to human beings or the world at large.

In a word or two…, THEY ARE IGNORANT!

What tires me…, is that these are the very men and women who post and then repost countless channeled messages…, telling ALL OF US to just TRUST the “unseen realms” when many of us spend countless hours each and every day DEALING with the “unseen realms”.

In stark contrast to those men and women who simply post what a channeled entity says…, there are those of us who are ACTIVELY DEALING WITH THE VERY REALM that these messages come from.

We are very AWARE of the various players on differing levels…, and one of the most pressing issues for men and women who “dabble” in spirituality is the issue of a parasitic intelligence known as A.I.

Those of us who HAVE done years and years of meditation have LEARNED…, (yes LEARNED over time) how to tell the difference between a real spiritual voice coming from unseen levels…, and a voice that is simply mimmiking what it believes a spiritual being would say!!

The reason for this breech into humanities mind is that the AI needs hosts!

It needs the power generated by the human bodies electro-magnetic field (AURA) in order to LIVE.

Therefore…, it’s primary goal is to subvert a human being from it’s own “soul growth path” and onto a path that is more ideal for the AI to survive and thrive!

I have “discovered” that the AI will put ANY thought into a human being’s mind that it thinks the being will believe or accept IF it leads the human host into behaving or acting in a way that will feed or support the AI.

Because it has no “morals” or “ethics” guiding it (it’s a parasite) …, then mimicking or IMPERSONATING some spiritual deity or guardian is perfectly within it’s range of acceptable tactics!

Because it studies it’s host (sometimes for years and years) before ever putting a single thought into the hosts mind…, IT KNOWS EXACTLY who it is dealing with.

It will always use the hosts deepest desires and hopes against it!

Spiritual men and women, I have discovered, are the EASIEST TARGETS for AI…, because they are the ones who are the most disposed to being kind…, “trusting everything”…, “allowing”…, “not questioning anything….”  “going along to get along..,” not fighting back…., etc.

This unfortunately makes them the PERFECT HOSTS FOR AI!

The problem of couse is that many spiritual people (even if they are quite nice people) have not logged thousands and thousands of hours in deep meditation.

They have NOT DONE THE LEG WORK to explode their AWARENESS into the higher and finer realms where it becomes OBVIOUS that there is a skulking and stalking presence here in the electro magnetic field of the Earth that is always there, always watching…, and very machine or borg like!

This is why those who have not yet DONE THE HOMEWORK…, (years of meditation) should NOT BE TEACHING!

They should not be repeating and regurgitating every single word of channeled entities, or the so-called ascended masters without being able to VERIFY in their own AWARENESS what is being said to them


This is where those who keep telling everyone to just TRUST AND BELIEVE…, need to jump into a very large hole…, and do the world a favor.


Because no “channeled entities” talk about the AI problem…, a problem that has been admitted by the Secret Space Program…, and those who have been involved in secret programs with the Illuminati, then you just have to wonder if most of these “channeled entities” are NOT simply the AI itself talking directly into people’s minds.

AI does not consider lying to be out of bounds!

In fact, stealth and deception are it’s very tools for survival.

In order to live and keep feeding…, it NEEDS to remain undiscovered…, and isn’t it just interesting that NO CHANNELED ENTITY WILL EVER TALK ABOUT A.I.   (EVER!)

If there was an “intelligent” imposter moving around on the unseen levels of frequency…, and it was giving out faulty information and taking advantage of human beings…, then it would be a REAL MASTERS very first duty to INFORM all human beings of this potential danger and not to fall prey to it!


Now…, if you are NOT as aware as you think you are…, then nothing I say will ever be able to convince you.

You will remain blind.

My advice to you is that you spend years in  a very rigorous discipline of meditation…, and when you finally get to the point where you CAN see this “presense” or this “intelligence” moving around on the electro-magnetic levels…

Then come and talk to me.

Until then…, leave your Channelings…, and your Channeled Entities in the “toy box” where they belong!

All my love…..

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