Even though humanity was far behind at first – and would have lost the game without some real help – God was not going to allow that to happen.

God knew exactly how much the Luciferians had lied, cheated, and defrauded everyone on Earth, even going so far as to use Time Travel (Orion Group) to go back very far in time to stack and then re-stack the deck over and over again – trying to deal themselves just the right cards for the winning hand at the end of the game.

Well, I’m very sorry boys – but even Las Vegas Casinos do not allow that kind of cheating.

If you get caught – you get thrown out on your ear and YOU LOSE EVERYTHING

In the Parable of the Mustard Seed – Jesus tried to tell us that it was our own thoughts and our own minds that could work miracles.  He hinted at the fact that we were Creator Beings, and that if we would but plant a “thought seed” with great faith – then it would grow into something tangible and real.

This was information that was printed down in Ancient Scrolls that were kept in the Mystery Schools and in other places on Earth, that were being hidden even at that time.

The kingdom of the heavens is like unto a grain of mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field; which indeed is less than all seeds, but when it is grown it is greater than all herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the heaven come and make their nests in the branches thereof (Matt. xiii. 31, 32).

Jesus was trying to teach us – HOW REALITY GETS CREATED.

He was trying to tell us that with our own thoughts and our own minds – “WE” could change it all, but that we first needed to have FAITH.

We didn’t NEED an Army to beat up the Romans, instead we needed to understand the way the Universe actually works.

What Jesus could NOT say – during those days long ago – is that the entire Universe is made up of FREQUENCIES – and that simply by changing our thought processes, or by shifting frequencies – entire NEW REALITIES could be created.

It was as simple as turning the dial on your television or your radio and “tuning in” to a whole new broadcast.

In fact, if you are not a “Truther” or a “Patriot” or a follower of Love Truth Site” – you might not even believe such a thing is possible even today!  

Truthers and Patriots are on the cutting edge of what is actually possible only because they actually understand that most of what they have been told their entire lives – IS A LIE!

When speaking to the masses so long ago, instead of saying what he could not, Jesus chose to use a parable to say – The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a Mustard Seed, which when planted into the field will grow up and will become a huge plant that is bigger than all of the plants of the field.

Dreams and Thought Seeds are Spiritual in Nature – and must therefore be “planted” into a different kind of field than the seed of a Mustard Plant.

What Jesus could not tell us at that time is that just as Mustard Seeds are planted into a field made out of dirt – Thought Seeds can only be planted into a field made of:   Magnetics and Harmonics.

Since these seeds are SPIRITUAL IN NATURE – they need to be planted into a SPIRITUAL FIELD


In order to CHANGE OUR REALITY – he was telling us to plant our THOUGHT SEEDS into the MAGNETIC FIELD OF LOVE (Which is the Breath of God) and to then water them with FAITH!


This also supposes that once we plant any seed (even if it is just a Mustard Seed) we will do whatever is necessary to weed and protect the garden so that the seed can grow and can actually survive.

Well, as I said in Part One – the Luciferians actually listened carefully to what Jesus had said, because they started using his teachings against the rest of us in order to CHANGE REALITY into something that suited them.

But as luck would have it (because they are Luciferians) they had no interest at all in creating the Kingdom of Heaven here on the Earth.

Instead – they wanted a very different Kingdom – a Kingdom where Lucifer could be seated on the THRONE forever.

In their twisted minds – if turning toward the right had the potential to create the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN – then they were going to turn toward the left – and were going to keep going as far left as possible until they achieved the KINGDOM OF HELL.

Or, something they figured Lucifer would be proud of ruling over.

In the meantime – through the use of Time Travel and the manipulation of Time-Lines – they created the New Age.

They created the New Age specifically because what they were planning to do to the Earth and all of us was so horrid that most people would surely have to notice how BAD things were getting! 

So to deal with this they had their own people (Luciferians and Satanists) write New Age Books which instructed the followers of the New Age to NEVER (under any circumstances) JUDGE ANYTHING they were seeing.

They further added that if you do “judge anyone or anything” then you can’t ASCEND (ever).

They also made sure they had their OWN people – pushing for the New Age and really getting the word out so that people world wide would think and believe it was the GREATEST THING.

They were using the same old tactics that they used inside of the Catholic Church.  These same tactics had worked well for them for a thousand years.  The tactic was to be obedient – OR ELSE.

Do what we say – or you’ll never go to Heaven and instead you’ll go to “HELL”!

So now, because these New Age Books were being written by the same Secret Society Groups (Freemasons and Jesuits) that had edited and changed the Bible – the very same fear mongering was being used in a brand new way.

Don’t you dare “judge” anything that is really evil – even if it is happening right in front of you – because if you do judge it – you can’t get into the New Age and you won’t Ascend into a Higher Dimension (read Heaven).

It was the exact same SPELL and CON being used in a different way because it was the very same Secret Groups and Secret Societies that were writing it and saying it.



So there is your first clue people.  The Globalist/Deep State changed the “label” for what they were doing to:


But they did not say they were “positive progressives” – they just told everyone they were “progressives”.

Well, what they were actually doing was PROGRESSIVELY turning the “REALITY” that we were all living in – into something that LUCIFER would want to rule over.

Now – God would never allow them to use the teachings of Jesus against the rest of us without decreeing that they HAD to tell us what they were planning on doing – especially since only a few of us even knew what the Parable of the Mustard Seed actually meant.

And so – they DID tell us that their entire goal was to create the KINGDOM OF HELL here on Earth – and once again – and as per usual – they did it inside of a whole bunch of Hollywood Movies – which they could control, and they could label as FICTION.

One of the many movies they used to tell us about CHANGING REALITY was called: FIELD OF DREAMS

This movie – if you look deeply – is all about NEW REALITY CREATION.

It is about the main character hearing a voice and then acting on that voice that he hears with faith.  (Just as Jesus taught).

The movie also shows us that IF the main character acts on his faith – and he does something very tangible in the real world – something extraordinary will happen.

This entire movie – if decoded properly – would be a “cult classic” because there is so much hidden in there.

Unfortunately – there is a very “dark side” to the idea of:


As wonderful as a Baseball Field in the middle of a “corn field” sounds – the real issue here is about CHANGING or ALTERING REALITY in preparation for something else to come.


  • The question on everyone’s minds should be – WHO WILL COME?
  • And what exactly do they need to BUILD in order to get or to attract the ONE they want to see show up?

Well, if you are a Luciferian, and you wanted Lucifer to be seated on the Throne, then perhaps you’d want to “build” or “shift” reality in such a way that Earth and the Reality that we are all living in would look like something that LUCIFER might want to rule over??

Just a thought.


Stay tuned for Part Three

All my love.


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