By now…, almost everyone with their head out of the sand is starting to realize that “things” are not as they seem.

(Oh my Gosh…, I am SO GLAD)

The year of 2015 (if nothing else) has been a very hard lesson in DISCERNMENT…, and I don’t think anyone out there is going to disagree with this assessment.

Even though it is both despicable and cowardly…, what has happened in PARIS IS NOT THE WORK of those who are being blamed!

As Veronica Keen has pointed out many, many times…, it is those who are in control of the money, and stand to reap benefits from a world at war who are at work behind the scenes!

Naturally, (without question) this is a false flag!

The people or groups who will be blamed (or even take responsibility) are not really the source of this madness.

We as a group of “larger humanity” are being PLAYED!

The media…, as the mouthpiece of the Oligarchs, the Banks, and the Corporate “madmen” simply is being used to formulate a “Hollywood” style vision and version of what is happening (in order to create within each human being paying attention to their “MOVIE” called the news)  a plethora of emotions which they can then steer and control for their own gain and benefit.


Whatever you “thought” the world was…, (in your perspective), 2015 has TAUGHT us that this perspective is erroneous!  It is an error of epic proportions and we need to adjust in order to reassess what is really happening out there.

The startling truth that we have learned in 2015 is simply this.

There is an information WAR happening right now as we speak and it is a knock down, drag out, take no prisoners battle!

Alex Jones (love him or leave him) has one thing absolutely correct.   Some say that he is Co-intelpro…, and is controlled opposition…, but the by-line on his website says it all and speaks exactly to what we are experiencing.

INFO-WARS! (There is a war going on for your MIND)

It could not be stated more correctly or succinctly!

But even if he is controlled opposition…, every “magician” knows that in order for dark magik to take hold and have a long lasting affect…, the public MUST be told what is happening to them so that the main ingredient in the spell can be added.

That ingredient (which is very necessary for the spell to last) is YOUR CONSENT!

You at some level have to be complicit in your own enslavement, and they KNOW THAT.

This is the whole and entire reason for controlled opposition, and those who tell us what is happening…, while meanwhile their buddies and comrades in arms are doing all of the miserable deeds right in front of our noses, and their other buddies in the media is telling us that it is NOT HAPPENING or putting a “spin” (whirl) on the information so as to confound and deceive!

The hope is that we will become overwhelmed with it all…, turn away…, and place our heads in the sand.


If nothing else…, the meaning of being a human being…, a living and breathing man or woman is to enjoy the option to have our own thoughts about things.  But this is EXACTLY what they are out to get from us.

They are trying desperately (through every means possible) to GIVE US our thoughts!  To give us the perspective that we should have about any and every subject that comes up for a decision.

This is exactly what we CAN NEVER let them do to us.  We must at all costs maintain our ability and our RIGHT to think for ourselves…, and to not be swayed by their MIND KONTROL tactics which are being rolled out now in such a way that it can be seen for what it is.

If nothing else…, 2015 has at least SHOWN US that there really is a battle going on!  A FACT, which countless new agers have denied and rallied against over and over in their channeled messages and their teachings…, saying instead that everything that is happening is simply the pot being stirred…, and darkness being released.

2015 has shown us that those who are in the dark rolls are playing for keeps, taking NO PRISONERS…, and will, if left unchecked and unchallenged…, complete their agenda of the New World Order…, and cull the population down to a manageable 500 million people.

But…, the spirit of this article is meant to show HOW they are fighting with the public at large at this very moment…, and that fight is FOR YOUR THOUGHTS!

It has always been this way.  Whether it was religion, your school, the government, or any authority figures in your life…, your ideas and perspectives on how things are and should, be WAS  THE GOAL of their machinations…, and indeed STILL is the goal.


The Paris Attacks are no different.  The question is simply this:

What will you think?  What are you willing to believe?  How can that be used to create MORE FEAR in you?  How can that be used to sway your opinion and then take more of your rights away from you?  How can this be used to move the NWO agenda forward!!

My friends…, think on these things!

All my love.




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