By: Bradley Loves


And, yet again, we have megalithic stone carvings and monuments that are all but IMPOSSIBLE to create even today, and only could have been done using advanced LASER TECHNOLOGY and MACHINE CUTTING AND POLISHING TOOLS.

And, once again “history” is not what we’ve been told!

Notice how in THIS video how the narrator talks about the “Laser-Like Precision” of the stone carvings and openly LAUGHS at the men who say it all happened only 2,500 years ago!

Even though I am NOT on Twitter (because @Jack can not stand anything TRUTHFUL being said on his platform) let’s start some fun pretend hashtags!

#Teachers are LIARS,  #History has been covered up,  #Only idiots go to school

#Morons are running the world, #Stupid is a curable disease, #How many CONS will it take





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