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By: Bradley Loves


The plan to destroy America actually started with the plan to totally deplete it’s military!  Countless Generals had to be fired…, and all of the American militaries precious weapons and personnel had to be expended, wasted, and used up on stupid wars started by the Deep State who were working for the Luciferian Brotherhood and ultimately the VATICAN!

This was a NEW WORLD ORDER project that was designed to TAKE OVER AMERICA!


This started while Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were running the Pentagon.

Many wars needed to be started in order to get America bogged down in the Middle East so that all of the hardware, soldiers and weaponry would get depleted!

As to why the United States planned to start endless wars throughout the entire Middle East they could never hope, or even come close to winning, as they would have to mobilize an army of tens-of-millions of soldiers to win such a conflict that rivals World War II, this report notes, MoD analysts began noticing that at the same time the United States was expanding its wars around the Middle East, it was at the same time drastically cutting the budget of its military forces fighting in these endless wars—most especially under the Obama-Regime who gutted their nation’s entire military—and by the time President Trump took power in January-2017, saw only three of the US Army’s 58 brigade combat teams ready to fight53% of the US Navy’s aircraft unable to flythe US Air Force being 723 fighter pilots short—and the US Marine Corps needing 3,000 more troops before it could even think of fighting—and worst of all, Trump reporting that his generals told him not to start any more wars because they were out of ammunition.

While all of these wars were being fought in the Middle East…, just like the Traitor he is…, Barack Insane Obama was cutting all of the funding for the Military…, and working very hard to DEPLETE all of it’s resources down to nothing!

Now…, that does not make sense you say…, but…, it does…, if there is a plan to later DESTROY AMERICA!

Everyone who is anyone living in America remembers the GREAT OBAMA PURGE of countless Generals and other Officers in the Military!

Obama’s Military Coup Purges 197 Officers In Five Years

Obama’s Military Coup Purges 197 Officers In Five Years

From’s Facebook page comes a list of at least 197 officers that have been relieved of duty by President Obama for a laundry list of reasons and sometimes with no reason given. Stated grounds range from “leaving blast doors on nukes open” to “loss of confidence in command ability” to “mishandling of funds” to “inappropriate relationships” to “gambling with counterfeit chips” to “inappropriate behavior” to “low morale in troops commanded.”

Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is under way.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, notes how the White House fails to take action or investigate its own officials but finds it easy to fire military commanders “who have given their lives for their country.” Vallely thinks he knows why this purge is happening.

At the time this seemed quite strange…, but no one knew about the sixteen year plan to totally DESTROY AMERICA back then!

Unbeknownst to the American people as to why the Obama-Clinton Regime was destroying their own nation’s once all-powerful military, this report explains, was instantly understood by anyone knowing Russian history—as once Russia’s military forces were destroyed in the needless and foolish World War I—there was no one left to defend the Motherland when radical socialist-communist forces staged their revolution that enslaved Russia and its peoples for the next 74 years—a grim fate scheduled to repeated in America once socialist leader Hillary Clinton took power—but who was met by a force called Donald Trump who defeated Clinton and her socialist forces—and who, on 12 December 2017, signed his first defense budget giving his military forces a staggering near $700 billion—on 10 December 2018 signed his second defense budget giving his military forces another $716 billion—which, in turn, allowed the US Army to declare this past March-2019 that “more than half of the Army’s brigade combat teams have achieved top levels of preparedness”—allowed the US Navy last month to announce that they had surpassed their 80% aircraft readiness goal—but does see the US Air Force going backwards as they are now in desperate need of over 2,000 pilots—thus explaining why Trump is trying to end his nation’s endless wars before America becomes defenseless—and whose greatest threat is from within—and is why Trump vowed to his peoples that “America will never be a socialist country”.

The truth of the matter is that it was felt that the ONLY WAY TO TAKE AMERICA DOWN (for the sake of the New World Order) was to totally deplete it’s military down to almost nothing!   A job which the Traitor Barack Insane Obama took on with both zest and zeal doing exactly what the Luciferian Brotherhood told him to do while completely betraying America and the American People in the process!

Honestly…, I feel for the first time totally VINDICATED by writing this article because I always knew this guy was rotten to the core…, and every time I brought it up…, I was shouted down by countless New Agers who would defend him no matter what he did, and no matter how many LIES he told!

Every single New Ager with a blog or a website on the Internet was stuck on SAINT BARACK OBAMA!  (Because Channeled Entities told them so)

However, some of us had this guy pegged right from the start!

Now…, all that’s left is the mop up!


And under Donald Trump – America’s Military is coming back to it’s original strength.


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