How easy has it become to percieve yourself as the only ones that are RIGHT…, while the entire world around you is totally and completely wrong??


The NPC Liberal…., nice and comfy between the poles of “good” and “good”…., while everyone else is OBVIOUSLY “very bad”.

Here is New York Cities view of all conservatives who support Donald Trump….

And then…, there is HILLARY…, who like a BAD and lingering DISEASE…, just won’t go away….


Clinton believes that SATAN/LUCIFER is the “good guy”…, and this is why she is so insistent upon SAVING all of the rest of us from our “MISTAKE”.

Below is a comment taken from 8-chan:

People here are far from the mark. Luciferianism holds that Satan is the good guy that freed humanity in the garden. They hold that Lucifer and the Demiurge (God of the Old Testament) are two equals. Lucifer in their view represents Good and Chaos while the Demiurge represents Order and Evil.

Lucifer says I just want people to enjoy themselves while God brings his wrath down on anyone that pisses him off.

Once you get people (faslely) to consider Lucifer an equal to God, you can start spinning it any way you want.


Chelsea Clinton is a good friend of the CHURCH OF SATAN!


Although she has vehemently DENIED worshipping Satan…, what’s that UPSIDE DOWN CROSS all about????

Here is a picture taken inside of a South American Church of Satan….

You know what they say…, a PICTURE is worth a THOUSAND WORDS……





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