By: Bradley Loves

How to write this article has been weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time. 

It has taken quite a while to decide how to structure it and how to lay out all of the information properly.

The best way to start in my opinion is to say that “entity possession” is very common, and far different than most people are willing to admit.

It is not some “grandiose” and “obvious” thing!

Hollywood “movies” like Poltergeist and The Exorcist heavily dramatized and fictionalized demonic possession or entity possession by making such a thing seem that it would be blatantly obvious when in truth, most possessions are far more subtle.

People can be “demonically possessed” and go about their daily lives in a normal fashion, while holding a job and talking to people as if nothing out of the ordinary were happening.

The possessing entity is quite aware of the fact that if it does not allow it’s “host” to appear normal…, then it can not use that host for the much darker purposes it has planned later on.

The most obvious…, and accurate way to know if a human being or “host” has an “entity attachment” or is “demonically possessed” is simply their inability to tell the truth!

Lying, deceit, conning, secrecy, falsehoods, and hidden agendas are the primary hallmarks of a dark entity or demonic entity that is possessing a human host and operating in the Earthly sphere of Influence.

See this:

  1. Mt. 24:4,5,11; 2 Thes. 2:10-12    Because they received not the love of the truth…

Flying above the bed, making things move around the room, and other Hollywood stunts that are attributed to a full blown “demonic possession” are dramatizations that have little to do with reality.

The fact of the matter is this:  People who LIE constantly…, and use deceit for hidden goals and hidden agendas have souls that have been compromised or attached by dark forces, dark entities, and unseen demons.

They are (for all practical purposes) POSSESSED!

They are not difficult to spot either!

These people “opened” themselves up to “possession” by refusing to believe in GOD! 

Most of the people pictured above DO NOT believe in GOD our loving FATHER! 

Instead, they have done everything they could to remove GOD from the normal human conversation.  Thus, the dark forces were very attracted to them!

Furthermore, how many of the people pictured above are either Lesbian or Homosexual?

By taking on behaviors that are immoral, forbidden, and carry “low vibrations” that attract the forces of darkness to them, these people have basically “invited” possession!

Regardless of what most people think “homosexuality” is in fact a behavior that attracts dark forces to the participants!

So does pedophilia, and any other form of carnal engagement that uses “flesh” and “bodies” as forms of entertainment merely for the purpose self gratification!

I am not going to lie in this article just to be “politically correct”!   

If you engage in these actions freely and without hesitation…, then you willingly OPEN YOURSELF UP to the unseen realms and you open yourself up to the demons who have the same carnal desires as the ones you are engaging in, and who are looking for a “human host” to experience these things!

They are the LAGGARD SOULS who never want to move forward and walk the Earth without a body and are just waiting to pounce on an innocent soul who has opened up a window of weakness that they can crawl through!


Lust and carnal desires are some of the very strongest desires of these demonic entities as well…, and if a human soul constantly gives in to these weaknesses and participates in them without restraint…, then the “demon” will do anything to find a way to POSSESS that body!

Now.., once that human “body” has been possessed, the demon starts to take over the mind and the desires of the host! 

The weaker soul, having now been overcome by a far stronger “dark force” is unable to resist the WILL of that dark force, and begins to live out a life that the “dark force” dictates.

The human SOUL no longer has full control over it’s own body and is subservient to the demon!

The “demon” now possesses that body and can make the body do practically anything it wants! 

The weakened human soul watches in the background in horror as the far stronger demon soul now begins to “experience life” in a human body once again…, engaging in debauchery, orgies, pedophilia, heavy drinking, drug use, lying, cheating, conning, stealing and anything else that it can think of!


And why not?   

The “host body” does not really belong to the demon!   

Just like stealing a good looking sports car and then taking it out for an all night ride…, the demon is going to use that sports car to “speed”, rack up tickets, race around, do wheelies, spin out and do anything else it wants to do while “enjoying” the “host body” that it now has control over!

PRAYER and RIGHT BEHAVIOR was the only “shield” that the original SOUL of that body had to protect itself from the unseen world of demons and dark forces.

The very moment that SOUL threw away prayer and right behavior as useless and “out of date”…, was the very moment that SOUL put itself in mortal danger of the millions of demons who walk the Earth as unseen spirits and dark forces!

GOD our loving FATHER is not to “blame” if that SOUL engaged in consistent behaviors that were specifically forbidden and by doing so attracted demons unto him or herself!

They were mis-led and mis-taught!  They were “told” no such things existed!  They were told these things by people who were already POSSESSED, and people they should never have listened to!



Now, it’s not just older people…, but very young people can also be “possessed” by dark spiritual entities as well! 

It is their willingness to LIE and to DECEIVE that is the key to identifying if they are “hosts” to any real dark forces or not!

Clear, free, and non possessed human souls do NOT like to lie, cheat, con, or deceive!  They do not like to engage in violent behavior or like to harm other people!


Even little babies – If put through certain Satanic Rituals can be possessed right from Birth!

Once possessed, people generally CHANGE!

They become consummate LIARS and begin to support all kinds of violence and EVIL against others.  They join groups of people who also like to lie, cheat, con, and deceive!



Possession starts out in most cases as an “attachment”.   

This means that a demon has targeted a possible “host” but is not strong enough to take over the hosts body yet!

Due to “wrong thinking” and “dangerous beliefs”…, a normal human being can create a beacon that attracts a demon to it. 

Demons love suffering, they enjoy debauchery, and they serve the darkness!

They look for weaker souls who due to false beliefs, and wrong thinking are already causing great SUFFERING without knowing that they are!

These demons “attach” themselves to these people and try to work on them mentally, because they can not yet possess them.

Pro-Abortion people have no real clue as to how much real human suffering is being caused by this one simple act! 

But the dark forces and the demons most certainly know and will therefore target these people if they think they can possess them.

GOD our loving FATHER says: DO NOT KILL

Abortion is a direct violation of that command.

It should NOT surprise you then when these people get VIOLENT…, ANGRY…, THROW THINGS…, and LIE…, when facing people who are on the opposing side of the issue?? 

If they do get this way…, there is a very good chance that they have a demonic “attachment” that is controlling at least some of their behavior already.

They have lost some of their own ability to control their bodies.

It is not the normal human soul that is doing these things…, but the dark forces who are USING THESE HUMANS that are acting out in these ways.

As I said in my very first statement.

POSSESSION by dark forces is VERY COMMON!

There are probably just as many people who are possessed in the world as there are who are not possessed!

The ones who are NOT POSSESSED have maintained a balanced and prayerful life, obeying GODS rules and thus keeping their own bodies “protected” from the many wandering dark forces and demon spirits!


This is exactly why we are seeing a SPIRITUAL BATTLE taking place in America today…, a country which “used to be” a Christian Nation.

Too many people have become “possessed” by engaging in wrong thinking and wrong behavior, and thus due to the activities of the dark forces…, our social fabric is breaking down.

DARK FORCES enjoy human suffering, destruction, death, and misery!

This low vibrational energy FEEDS THEM.

Once they possess a human body and use it as a “host”…, they will try to create havoc, destruction, death, suffering, and misery by any means possible.

One of their greatest tools however is LYING!  Dark forces love to lie and to deceive because they know this one tactic causes so much harm!

One of the easiest ways to spot a human being that is “possessed” by a dark force or dark spirit is if they are someone who LIES CONSTANTLY and supports and unclean or dark agenda!

And no…, they do not float above the bed and scream out evil things as they foam at the mouth…, instead they just look like this:

Stay tuned for Part Two


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