By: Bradley Loves


Because the majority of the Illuminati are Generational Satan Worshippers, they are followers of an Ancient Cult that worships Lucifer as a being of “light”.

Epstein’s blue striped markings are symbolic of an age-old lucifarian transgenerational elite cult whose goal is to eradicate Christ and permanently install the reign of evil on earth – The House of Lusignan. Others in the [family] are the Rothschilds and Windsors. #DarkToLight

It is for this reason that when talking about “dark entities” and “demon possession”…,  you have to include all of the updated technology that is in the hands of the Illuminati/Deep State as well!

You also have to include any and all formal treaties that have been made with OFF WORLDERS/OTHER DIMENSIONALS/TIME TRAVELERS/AND DARKLY INCLINED BEINGS.

The reason that I am bringing this all up is that the Illuminati is quite clear about what a “demonic possession” is!  They use it to their advantage!

It is merely another type of being with a finer “frequency” that is attaching itself or manipulating the body and the mind of a human “host” or “target”.

Well…, with the introduction of tons of NEW TECHNOLOGY and NEFARIOUS ALLIES…, it has become possible to:


Even if this is not really a “true” possession…, the purpose of the intrusion into an innocent human beings life, body and mind is the exact same as the purpose of a possession!

It is done with the intention to get control of the human “hosts” mind and body to change it’s behavior.   It is done to make the host think, talk, and act in ways that are dark and cause others pain and misery!

This has always been the REAL purpose for V2K – Voice to Skull/Voice of God Technology that was developed in the 1970’s with the help of the so-called “projects” side of the Illuminati.

Synthetic Telepathy was developed solely as a hidden WEAPON that could be deployed up innocent people who could not otherwise “be possessed”.

You see…, due to our GOD given FREEWILL…, a legitimate demon can only take over a human host if that hosts harmonic shields (aura) are very weak already due to that souls participation in dark behaviors or activities!

(Use of Alcohol, Drugs, Rampant Sex, Extreme Anger, Abuse, etc.)

Well what happens if there is a very loving human being whose loyalty to Christ and to loyalty to GOD is beyond reproach?

What if that human being (due to it’s light and love) happens to be putting a rather huge “dent” in the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER?

You see the “demons” can not touch that human being based on the laws of frequency and harmonics (Natural or Cosmic Laws).

This is where all of the Illuminati’s work on ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY comes in!

For the otherwise “untouchable ones” – the ones who can’t be bought off, tempted, bribed, or intimidated…, and are totally pure of heart…, the Illuminati can use machines and technology to SIMULATE a demonic possession in order to change that human beings FREEWILL and change his or her thoughts, words, and actions toward the dark side!

My friend Bryan Alexander found this out quite clearly!   It did not matter how much he prayed and meditated.   They could STILL hack his mind and did!

They can HACK the human mind just like hacking a computer!

They can use the mind and the body frequencies of the target (using the targets DNA signature) and have a super computer (via cell towers and satellites) running a CONTROL PROGRAM on the targeted human just as a demonic entity would!

The effect is very similar in what a demon does.  It keeps good people from BEING and ACTING good!

Now…, this is very cold hearted and monstrous!  Not to mention CHEATING THE RULE BOOK BIG TIME!

However…, the Illuminati and their Allies are going for broke!  They KNOW they are breaking every COSMIC rule and NATURAL law that exists, and they are betting that GOD will not punish them.

They are “betting” that they can escape to other hidden realms where they can hide after they are done here.  They are wagering that in a million or so years…, their victims will have forgotten all about what happened here!  They are betting the due to their NEW AGE books teaching “non-judgement” that 99 percent will forgive them and they will NEVER face any justice!

They are basically “wagering” that they can step well over the line and escape any and all cosmic punishment!


They have calculated that they can only have their NEW WORLD ORDER if they torture and physically control every human being who stands against them, and they want that NEW WORLD ORDER more than anything they’ve ever wanted!

That these people are certifiably INSANE is without question!

The problem for good and decent people is that the Illuminati dark “families” have been around for many centuries…, and have amassed GREAT WEALTH.

These generational Satanists KNEW this battle was coming long ago and planned for it well in advance!

They knew they would have to OWN all of the media, own all of the banks, the education system, the transportation system, and as much of the Government as possible.

Their SATANIC INFILTRATION of the Military began right after WW II!

Over hundreds of years…, they STOLE all of our money to used it to buy and to ultimately OWN all of the systems under which we live!

This they did FOR LUCIFER!   (Their GOD)

If only Christians and New Agers were as dedicated to Christ and to Love as these demon worshippers are dedicated to their dark gods.


They are making NO APOLOGIES for their actions either!

Instead, they are flaunting it and shoving it IN YOUR FACE with their Satanic Programs on TV, their movies, and the concerts given by their young satanic musicians.

The 2019 GRAMMY’S was blatant and an IN YOUR FACE support for LUCIFER!

They all stood together on stage and asked the audience loudly….


And Michelle Obama pointed down to hell!

She/he/it put the answer right in your FACE!


This was the message:

Here it is you damn Christians and Jesus freaks!   Deal with it!   We are the Trans-gender/Queer Squad and we are here for LUCIFER because he is our god!!

We read stories to YOUR KIDS…, and soon we will OWN THEM and have SEX with them to our hearts content!  There won’t be a damn thing you can do about it because you are all totally weak and unwilling to stand up to us!

You know….

If only the Christians and the New Agers loved GOD…, half as much as the Satanists love LUCIFER…, maybe this looming battle could all have been avoided!

Stay tuned for Part Three…..


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